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Friday, March 11, 2011

Finding Buddy Holly

Spent the day in Lubbock but chose NOT to look for Buddy's schools--all three--or homes, or venues or grave. I guess we aren't rabid fans although I was just graduating from high school when he, the Big Bopper and Richie Valens died in a horrendous plane crash in a snow covered field in Iowa. The museum is quite thorough in presenting the roots of rock and roll, Holly's contributions and his influence on such groups as the Beatles, Stones etc. I never really fell in love with Rock and didn't like Elvis until he'd been dead for years. I liked Valens and remember several of Holly's hits. I sort of let rock and the black Supremes sound etc roll over me and fell in love with the folk movement. Bill was a Stones fan and we have a Holly-Crickets album that is his. Unfortunately, photography was not allowed and I bet his widow has something to do with that. She tried to get Lubbock to pay her to name the street and center after him. For having been married to him for about six months before his death she has lived well on his legacy.

His high school bedroom furniture is on display and that was sad in a way for he was only 22 when he died so not so very far removed from that room. Yet, in so many ways he had moved on--a hit internationally and living in an apartment in Greenwich Village. It is strange to realize he'd be 75 this fall. I wonder if his widow will come when he gets his star on the West Texas Musical Walk of Fame--she didn't attend his funeral nor has she ever been to his grave. Odd.

As impressive as the Holly( birth name, Holley) memorabilia was the fine arts gallery with jewelry, paintings, photography and ceramics done by local artists.

Purchased a post card for Bets and a pair of black rimmed sunglasses for her. When I met Bill he had Buddy Holly glasses that he'd gotten in Nepal. By the time Bets came along I talked him into wire-rimmed glasses that look less bulky. Bets has seen pictures of him and has always been upset that he got rid of those cool glasses--now she'll have her own --at least sunglasses. For myself I purchased a neat pendant of stone, wire and beads designed by a local jeweler--one of a kind she claims!

Having finished walking down memory lane we headed over to Baby Brighams BBQ and had a messy, delicious plate of ribs, cole slaw and beans with sweet tea. Checked out the brewery next door--I was too full but Bill tried their American Pale Ale and liked it enough to buy a growler. The bartender turned out to be from Hartford, Vt. His name is Mike Elliot but his mother's maiden name is Goodrich and her mother's maiden name was Perkins. Grandmother Perkins lived on Christian Street along with another lady named Kiddo. What a small world. His dad, Mr Elliot is from Colorado. Mike says he comes from a heritage of Mountains and water and here he lives in the flat desert landscape of Texas. Says it is getting time to move on to an area more like his ancestry knew! LOL

Returned to the motel to watch the horror of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. What a terrible thing but at least Ghadaffi is off the news for awhile and, God help us, Charlie Sheen! Yuck, just tasted the American Pale Ale--tastes more like a Stout. I love Guinness but wasn't expecting that taste.

Now, we need to call Jim in Dallas and make arrangements to see him. Also want to start The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest--I keep bringing it in to read and do too many other things.
We are now in the Central Time Zone so I have to get used to having lost an hour.

Will add the picture of the glasses and necklace to the album I've sent for today already. Until tomorrow--have a good evening.

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