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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

NH people don't like Southerners, they don't like Georgians

Hmm--Didn't know that til I listened to the narration in the Jimmy Carter visitors' center --they did continue to say the people in NH had no idea who he was--probably more likely why they didn't vote for him.

This morning we crossed the Chattahootchee River, owned by Georgia and immediately lost an hour--we are back in EST, alas. Went through Lumpkin, not knowing there is a canyon they compare to the Grand!! and the village that the fellow in Clampton told us was opposite the Andersonville NHS--Not!

Arrived in Plains and visited the High School that has been converted to the JC visitor center. Saw Billy Carter's gas station and the fenced area in which Jimmy and Rosalynn live when home in Plains. Interesting area--the town looks just like the pictures from 1925--time has stood still here in many ways.The farm in Archery where JC grew up was probably the most interesting part of the day, especially the two Siamese Cat mix who loved the attention we gave them. I loved speaking to the Ranger who told us that the pansies in the little flower garden had grown throughout the winter and would shrivel and dry up in April with the real heat! Real heat? It has been 84+ and humid for days.

Continued into Americus--why do I know that name??? Lindbergh made his first solo flight here--maybe we'll look for the statue tomorrow. Had dinner in the hotel restaurant and met a couple from the Finger Lakes Region of NYS. They had purchased a Panama Canal trip of two weeks with another couple, whose daughter became seriously ill. Having purchased travel insurance they got their money back and are on a smaller trip around the States. They owned a 96 acre farm, he had heart surgery, they sold the farm and now live in a double wide which they love. Nice to meet them.

Tomorrow Andersonville and then we are headed toward Cumberland Gap--Bill has always wanted to see it--I think I've been there already, but who knows at this point? Hope I can handle the height! LOL

Until then--Salander has been released!

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