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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Flying Across Mississippi

Left Natchez yesterday and literally drove straight across the State into Alabama. Route 84 is designated the El Camino East/West corridor and runs from El Paso,Texas to Brunswick, Georgia--you remember that place, Amy--Glenco and Pam's! LOL It is an interesting cooperative plan amongst the five States it crosses and, while I can understand the idea behind it, as usual I hate the widening of the road and destruction of its rural backwoods feel. For a short description of the road and the plans for it check out http://www.elcaminocorridor.org/

As we drove along through the bucolic Mississippi warmth we noticed such things at a sign for the Longleaf Trace, which I thought might be something like the Natchez Trace. It is actually a rails to trails paved path that bikers, hikers etc can use to cover 41 miles between Prentiss and Hattiesburg.

Eventually we entered Alabama with little fanfare and not much change in scenery, although there were no complaints from us as we enjoyed the trees budding out and the myriad colors of the flowers in bloom. Within 12 miles we left El Camino and headed north on rte 17, until it connected to Rt 80. We passed a school in Waynesboro called Beat 4 Elementary School. I looked it up but cannot seem to find any explanation for the name--has a good standing in the county and several thumbs up comments from parents.

I barely caught the name of the bridge going over the Tombigbee River just west of Demopolis--the Rooster Bridge. Curious name I thought so researched that as well--couple of interesting sites about it--or at least the original bridge which was demolished in 1980. Wonder if selling roosters would get enough money these days to build a footbridge! Maritime enthusiasts might also enjoy the added story of the tug boat that rolled under the old bridge!



Stopped in Demopolis for my Sonic fix--always need to stop once and eat garbaggy food there--Bill hates doing it but I only go once on the trip so he can just grin and bear it! LOL

As we were leaving town a police car with lights flashing went racing through the intersection that was sort of like a five corners and another set himself right in the midst of the intersection and got out of his car, standing next to the hood with his hands behind his back. The several lights turned green but not a vehicle moved. We could not imagine what was going on but then a funeral passed through, followed by several more official cars with lights flashing. Once it had passed he got in his car and followed, too. We all joined the procession but within a mile all the police cars headed back to Demopolis. The cortege continued on ahead of us for fourteen miles to Faunsdale, where they turned off the main road--toward some cemetery out of sight.

Upon arrival in Selma we went to eat at the Oasis Steakhouse and Grill which turned out to be a cafeteria type deal. I had the best fried chicken with sweet potatoes cooked in orange juice and brown sugar. A huge glass of sweet tea and some melon and I was fixed for the night. Very hot at 84 degrees so an air conditioned room--though strongly redolent of heavy handed air freshener is some spicy scent, which gave me a large headache---and my book and my day was over.

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