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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Georgia in My Memory

Today was the first really bad weather we've had since snow in Cheyenne Wyoming--that seems a lifetime ago. Didn't sleep particularly well last night for some reason and it was rainy and cold--60 degrees this morning. As a result we went to Walmart since I needed a new memory card and I managed to find a Cricut cartridge to buy. Then we were off through the true backwoods of Northern Georgia to South Carolina. The highlight of the day was a little spot called Comer, Ga and Maggie's Cafe. I had the best tuna salad sandwich I've had in ages on perfectly toasted home made bread. Was so full I couldn't have a piece of carrot cake so asked for a togo box. Bill had a BLT that was beautiful to look at as well as delicious to eat. A women with a college age daughter and two teen boys owns the cafe with her sister. It is really cute and the food is to die for--$6.00 for the sandwich--how could you go wrong. I'm still full hours later.

I just told Bill there is a cute sparrow looking in the window at you. He said he is not interested since, while he was right there smoking, they fornicated on his car. I'm still laughing--which reminds me--the day started with hilarity in the breakfast room. We were the only white folk there and a heavy set lady said someone in NY won Megamillions. A guy said where--she said Albany--he said your sister lives near there--I said so does mine. Well, that started it--lady said I'll call my sister, how you doing? how's the dog? your boyfriend? Your husband/ I said: and she says--who's this, I don't have no sister! All of this between heavy laughter bringing tears. god it was funny.

As I left I said if your sister won just send me $50 for the laughter--she said okay--leave your address at the desk! More laughter and wishes for a good and safe day. What a way to start out---the people on these trips are worth almost more than the sights and sounds. No,they are worth more!

Rainy, rainy, rainy and tomorrow too --heading to Morristown, Tn and then on to Cumberland Gap on Monday. Hoping to follow rivers mostly and not hit too many high and winding roads!

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