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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Good-bye New Mexico; Hi There, Tex

First thing this morning we looked over the Texas map to see where we were headed. It was amazing to see how little we have left to explore in New Mexico--the mountains north of Albuquerque-Santa Fe is all. But that will wait for another day. Today we put New Mexico in our rear view mirror and headed into Texas. The map said Clovis to Lubbock 94 miles;in Farwell, Texas it said 88 miles and when we arrived in Lubbock at 1:52 CST our car said we'd gone 150 miles!

It may be because I love Texas farm roads--they are all paved with posted speed of 70 during the day, 65 at night and they slow you down to 60 through town! We actually putter along more slowly enjoying the tiny towns and what they have to offer such as hot and mild home made jerky which serves as a great snack with a sweet banana and cold water. It is so amazing that within a few miles of entering Texas the fields are green and agriculture, oil wells, and cattle become the major industry. Of course, it is all because there is water to spare--we are no longer in desert. I loved seeing the cattle enjoying the spray from the irrigation rig. All in all just zig-zags into Lubbock.

The afternoon was a catch-up day--accounting, blogging, picture uploading and filing brochures etc.

Tomorrow we are going to check out Buddy Holly stature and the West Texas Walk of Fame etc.
Bill used the jacuzzi tonight--tomorrow it is mine--actually we could have shared but I had to get all this clerical stuff done. Next planned stop?--We think Wichita Springs.

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