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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Between Us We May Have Two Good Legs!

After tootling about Grants a few minutes we headed out Old Rte 66 toward Gallup, where we decided we would try to rest our old legs and I could catch up on blog and pix.

Arriving in Gallup the first stop had to be Perry Null Trading Co. I've had my heart set on a turquoise bracelet I saw on their site last Fall. Wasn't sure it would fit my wrist so waited to go to the store. It is beautiful and I bought a small ring, too. My Zuni turquoise jewelry is now complete. Next year I'll begin my coral set, I hope.

Lunch at Applebee's and then a frustrating afternoon of an internet connection that varied from four to two bars constantly. I must have called the front office to reset the modem or whatever--the access point--I don't know. I wasn't too pleasant about the fifth time but I took a break for chicken wings and a pepsi and then resumed. Now at 112am your time but only 1112 my time I will go to bed. Calmly, so maybe I'll sleep better than last night.

Tomorrow Chimle, Az to see if we can arrange for a jeep tour of Canyon de Chelley. The only place on the list of attractions that we haven't visited is Chaco Canyon but it is too wet this time of year and very easy to get stuck and lost.  Some Day!

So until I have the incredible pictures from the floor of the Canyon, I bid you a fine good night.

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