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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Indiana and the Ohio River

Today was a driving day--torrential rains once more so I got us off the Interstate on the East side of Springfield Ill. Took 25 Southeast to 51 South and then 50 into downtown Vincennes. A long and trying day with beautiful flowering trees to cheer us. Nothing of interest to explore. I've been to Springfield three times and Bill wasn't thrilled about going into the city to explore in the rain. Other than that, it was fascinating to see Rt 50 updated but the bridges that once crossed the little Wabash, the little muddy and the big muddy creeks stand there, rotting, still. Closed off so no one can use the deteriorating road. It does serve the homes as a frontage road. But it is a question why it was moved over in the first place, since it did not straighten any curves etc.

Went to Applebee's and had one of their new chicken salads which has a bit of a bite--not too hot--just perfect. Well, going to bed--the day was long and I'm tired. Lots to explore here tomorrow--don't know when we'll leave town.

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