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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Lazy Day With Friends

On Sunday we ladies slept in for a bit later than the men, who seem to rise with the sun. Then we had leisurely breakfast while we planned our day. Since Bill really doesn't like to drive into cities, Gloria and I decided to take a spin into Albuquerque to see Old Town and do a little Michael's shopping. Bud wanted to watch the race from Vegas and Bill opted to stay with him. No surprise there!  LOL

As we went down the Main St which also happens to be old 66--sight of our Tulsa debacle and far more traffic-y than that day--I was taken with the art deco and modern art architecture. What a very artistic city---it is quite obvious from downtown that there is much going on culturally. Old Town is quite quaint and St Phillippi Neri is a beautiful mission Church. We went into a little shop and Gloria got the most adorable knitted finger puppets for Lisa and Gia, her grandbabies. One puppet was a lion, which I just loved. She had had a lamb that was cute, too, but discovered a monkey with a banana that is a scream. I picked up a cute little vase for my shadow box--sort of Spanish white with a blue flower and an Alb shot glass for Jeff, a friend back home.  We chatted quite awhile with the man that I think is the owner about living in NM from NE. Then we strolled along the way taking in the wares of several Indians. Lots of really pretty jewelry but Gloria and I agreed that we have so much jewelry that we don't wear some of it. We tend to have favorite pieces that we wear often and others that we forget we have. She has told Bud to stop buying her jewelry. There was some interesting pottery and I was taken with one glassy black one that was etched with cultural symbols and had a dragonfly etched inside. Dragonflies are protective and so this one would protect whatever went in the bowl. Her price was reasonable and she was a nice lady but, while I liked the bowl, I didn't love it.   For some reason my back started to bother me and I just couldn't walk anymore. I had taken two Aleve before we left home hoping to hold pain off but for some reason it did not work! I felt so badly that Gloria had taken us all the way up there and in no time at all I couldn't enjoy it.  We went over to a Mexican market but I just decided I had to rest for a bit more.

At Michael's we did a bit of scrapbook shopping and picked up a couple of dolls for the girls. One is named Olivia and that is Lisa's favorite name. So even though we didn't stay out as long as we might have we still had a lot of fun. We find so much to chat about.When we got home, Gloria taught me how to do iris folding. I'm so excited--it is so easy and is so beautiful when it is finished. I'm even going to buy the book she has because it has so many great patterns. Also, the lady that runs the Hen House is going to sell me a great holder for my sparkly glues--the name of which escapes me at the moment. I want to say Sprinkles but that isn't it. God,it's a pain getting senile!

We joined the guys for the end of the race and then had some of Gloria's homemade Chili. I know I rave about that girl's meals but she is one of the best cooks I know. I've never eaten anything she's made that I haven't thoroughly enjoyed and Bill says its yummy, too.

We all watched Harry's Law and Them Idiots which is the new road show of
Jeff Foxworthy, Larry the Cable Guy and that other guy. Talk about pissing your pants funny. Those guys are terrific.  We stuffed our faces with popcorn and it was just like being at the movies!  LOL Fun!! and then bedtime once more!

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