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Friday, March 16, 2012

Moving North in New Mexico

Left Gallup this morning after chatting up a Raven who was quite angry that the garbage man had already come and emptied the dumpster! Followed I 45 East to Albuquerque--really the only E-W road mid-MidState--we've been this way many times before so I didn't take very many pictures as I'm sure I have them from other years. When we got to the Rt 6 exit Bill asked if I was sure I didn't want to head South and revisit Bud and Gloria. I was really torn but they had been out to a concert last night and got home late, I'm sure. It wouldn't have bothered them if we did return, as a matter of fact our sheets are still on the beds, but it is also the start of the Belen Balloon Fiesta. We have plenty of balloons go over the house from the Post Mills airport but they are beautiful and soothing as they drift through the sky like so many lazy, colorful, bubbles. I knew it would be hard to pull ourselves away tomorrow morning when they were all afloat. We have to start back now if we want to do any lingering in Ok and Ks not to mention the Southeastern states. We have already been gone 31 days.  It was hard and I almost turned the wheel myself but on we went. We'll see you again next year I'm sure. I should really bring some scrap stuff and work on a layout or two when I come--I want to learn so much from Gloria. Until then, good friends, enjoy that cheese and think of us affectionately as we do you!

And so, through the labyrinth of clustered highways we passed through Alb and on to I 25 North to Las Vegas, past Santa Fe and overlooking the Sangre de Christo Mountains. Next year we will have to set up a command post in this upper quarter of the State--the Northeast and mid-North section to explore the Rough Riders Museum, Pecos National Park, Taos and Ghost Ranch etc. For now we checked in early, I'm reading and Bill is watching March Madness. St Bonnie's almost pulled it out but Bill beat me at the last few minutes. :-(

Think we'll order in and lounge over my book. Tomorrow--Oklahoma, where the wind comes sweeping down the plains. See those pretty puffy clouds>? They are the forerunners of the front moving in from Ca. The sun was hot enough today to burn my neck and the temp was 68 in the mountains. Windy the next two days and then temps in the 40's. Damn--
Tornado weather and much too soon. Little nervous but what can one do--Mother Nature controls the weather. Cross your fingers.

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