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Saturday, March 16, 2013

An Easy Day to Kayenta and the Edge of Monument Valley

March 16, 2013 Room 330 Hampton Inn Kayenta,Az 4:41 Pm

Up around 8 and breakfast in the Hogan Restaurant. Couldn't take pictures very well, surrounded by Natives as we were. But the servings were huge--Bill ordered toast, home fries, easy over eggs and ham steak. The ham steak came on a different plate and was the size and thickness of a ham steak we buy for dinner for the three of us at home!  I had an English muffin, bacon,OJ and coffee--good and strong--best I've had so far. We decided not to tour at all today but to just drive the 73 miles or so to Kayenta and check out tours of Monument Valley for tomorrow. Passed through the mesa region of this huge Plateau on which all of this part of Arizona lies. When we arrived in Kayenta we checked in at the Hampton Inn and arranged for a tour --our room wasn't ready since it was before noon and check in is 4 PM The young lady was willing to contact housekeeping to get our room ready but we said,oh, no --we didn't expect to get our room now---we just wanted to scout out the area. Said we'd be back around 2ish and Estonia said she'd have it ready then.

Scheduled a tour for tomorrow and she faxed the info over to the Valley--well, the visitors' center which is 25 miles away--Kayenta is certainly in among the Monuments. LOL  Black Mesa across the road is snow covered but the sky was patchy with blue and the temperature around 70.  We took a drive through the center of the Tribal Park to the View Motel--which is super expensive but not noticeably more lux than ours and the views aren't that much better, though closer to the rocks.

Drove back and arrived by 2:30. Got our luggage up to the room and I got blogging, uploading pix and otherwise played catch up. Now, we will be headed out to the Reuben Heflin Restaurant here in the hotel. Tonight's special is chicken fried chicken--think I'll pass. Tomorrow is salmon, however and that is on my menu!  LOL  Just looked out the window--the distant sky is yellow and it is raining in the distance. Will try to capture it but not sure it will show up.

After dinner, we'll get an early sleep--our tour is at 9 am and we have about a 25 mi drive over.  We want to be on the road by 8 so we get there and get checked in etc with time to spare.

Today's pictures are pretty self explanatory and nothing exciting happened but for the French Canadians, Muslims of some country--not English speaking, and Poles or Czechs who were all totally obnoxious in the gift shop. I just found a corner to read and let them get out of there--though I did shock the Canadians by excusing myself in Quebecois in a annoyed  tone of voice--they were totally Pardoning all around...LOL

Will talk about the Code Talkers Code tomorrow. Til then, take care!  KandB

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