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Sunday, March 10, 2013

We've Always Liked Socorro!

March 10, 2013  5:03 pm MST Room 109 Comfort Inn Socorro, New Mexico

Hopped out of bed at 6:30 am before we sprung ahead--so I actually got up at 7:30 am!  It really doesn't matter--either way it was very early for me!LOL We didn't have the heat on when I retired at 1030 last night ( Bill, of course, had gone to bed by 9 ) and I was freezing for about an hour before I got up and dug around in the suitcase for the flashlight to turn it on. Set the thermostat at 68, which is much warmer than we usually do --but it was COLD. That is the first time on the whole trip other than Binghamton, NY when we've used the heat. Should have been a sign but I ignored it. Woke up at 4am ( 5) and turned it down to 63, out usual temp.

Anyhow, I was up, Bill was gone which meant he was at breakfast,so I packed up lots of things and had them ready for the car and for us to move on out.  Bill returned ( I'm going to use real time, from now on ) at about 7:45 and said the weather doesn't look too good for us. He tried to throw the decision on me--while saying we are going to be going up in altitude, the forecast for Gallup-Grants which is in the same area is dire--etc,etc,etc. I'm on to him--if I say to stay then later when he decides it is time to beat tracks east, he will say, well we stayed in Socorro all that time. ( Carl the lion on the Serengeti ad for Geico just came on--we just get such a kick!)  Anyway, I'm not going to let that happen so I said, hey, I don't care, you are driving not me--what do you think you can handle?  Well, the Apache reservation is isolated --the road is long--so, in frustration I said--go, get the room, amen!  So here we are and I know we did the right thing. Why even play around?  I did not want to go to Alamogordo though it is wonderful there and Las Cruces and southern Arizona are wonderful, but we've done that several times. So let's wait one more day and then head out and see where we wind up. Here we are, then.

We talked about going to the Basque or down to the El Camino Royal Heritage Museum but in the end we decided to do the laundry, watch some more of House of Cards,which is quite addicting by the way ( cannot wait to see it all tumble down on the House Whip, Underwood and it will--just look at the title--who else is going to get it?  As I changed tonight, Bill said " click"  when you watch it you'll get it--though Zoe is more clickable than I--beauty in the eye etc or not--LOL ;)  )

We then headed out to Wallie world, since I decided I wanted to do something with these nails. And then to K-Bob's where I had the salad wagon and then totally messed it up with a huge helping of chocolate pudding--lol  Watched the Indiana-Michigan game--I was for Indiana and was quite thrilled at the result of a terrific game. I always feel sorry for the kids who lose, though!

Back to the room--wondering what to photograph and opted for shots of the motel--since it has been a longer than usual home away from home. Here's hoping we are able to bid farewell tomorrow and start exploring once more. I'll get up early again, just in case. Was over dressed at dinner--temp 60--a big change and hopefully a good sign.  Will let you know tomorrow.  KandB

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