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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spring, At Last, in Kentucky

Thursday March 28,2013 5:50PM CDT Room 228 Sleep Inn Owensboro, Kentucky

What a beautiful, sunny Spring day, finally. 60 degrees, slightly breezy, sunny and cloudless with robins bobbin' all about and birdsong filling the air. Do I sound euphoric?  Trying not to think about what awaits us upon our return to what my friend, Joyce, calls 802-land!

Since I stayed up to watch Jimmy Fallon last night, I slept later than usual. Got the bills together and discovered that someone enjoyed a Chinese dinner in Middlebury on my dime while I was in Nachitoches, La==probably chatting with Sandy in the Country Music Museum. Being Chinese, the meal wasn't exceptionally expensive thank goodness and the credit card company gave me a credit immediately. All the rest being kosher, so to speak, I set up payments and can forget that for another month--sigh!

 Having my own room was truly luxury--no snoring etc and up as late as I wanted without worrying about noise or light annoying my better half. I love Sleep Inns best of all--art deco styling and terrifically large walk in showers. I think I spent a half hour in mine this morning. All in all we never got out until noon. Drove downtown to find the Blue Grass Museum--everything is under construction down there and couldn't find it. Besides, it is moving to a new location so probably wouldn't be terribly organized. Decided to skip it but found English Park, right on the Ohio River. Spent about an hour just enjoying the scene and the sun. My Irish heritage craves at least one dose of water experience a trip. Some day I'd love to take a Showboat on one of these wonderful rivers. Mom always wanted to take the Delta Queen and never made it. Hope I am luckier than she.

Then we went searching for BBQ---went 18 miles down a road that said the Moonlite BBQ was in that direction----I didn't think the Audubon Highway was the answer but the desk clerk told Bill that there were lots of restaurants that way---nope !  Crossed the Green River going West and turned around and crossed it again going East but at least there was a billboard giving the correct directions. So I got a small plate of ribs, slaw and beans, sweet tea and cherry cheesecake. Bill had the buffet and a beer. Though it didn't look like a lot of food when it came, I was stuffed when we left the restaurant.

The BBQ was okay, though supposedly, according to their brochure, they've been raved about by USA Today, Gourmet Mag--isn't that out of business, Southern Living, WSJ and Travelocity. I liked Porky's in Bowling Green last year, much better. This place is too uptown and into selling its rubs etc. Porky was just a shack with a guy over a big stove and picnic tables and the best BBQ and slaw I've ever had. But, again, the meal wasn't terribly expensive and it was good, just not great!

Stuffed to the gills we returned to our room and caught up on our newspapers from the last few days. Including the article about the Mo elementary school, where several teachers are now carrying concealed weapons. Supposedly in response to the Ct shooting. I guess they had many volunteers, used intense background checks and psych profiles to choose the teachers and then gave them in depth ONE WEEK of firearms training. Don't think I'd want to teach in a school where some of my peers were packing. Some parents are not pleased but according to the principal most are supportive of the move and he feels it is an excellent deterrent. To whom, I wonder. Most of these guys appear to be suicidal, except maybe Bozo the Clown in Colorado.

Oh, well, I cannot let myself worry about what my daughter may be walking into by entering the educational profession. For now, it is time for B-ball. Three Fl teams in the sweet 16. Wouldn't it be neat if Fl Gulf took it all? Later, all!  KandB

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