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Friday, March 29, 2013

The First Rainy Day

Friday March 29,2013 5:45 EDT !!! Room 315 Comfort Inn and Suites Berea, Ky

Well, it is the first rainy day I can remember--think it rained in Fl on our way out. AND, we are back in the Eastern Time Zone, dammit--though maybe now I'll know what time it is from one day to the next--it was more of a problem this year than usual. Of course, the fact that Bill never adjusts the clock in his car and we kept crossing time zones and yes, daylight savings, no, daylight savings all contributed to my earlier than usual senility. But, I'm trying to be positive  here, so look at these challenges as things to overcome in an effort to forestall Alzheimers. Sigh :(

Left Owensboro, after reading a message from a former student who now lives in Ky and who refurbished a residence hall there. He recommended that we eat at the Moonlite--well, beatcha to it, Andy!  LOL Wished we were on the way to Bowling Green and Porky's as we made our road choice.

 Bill refused to take the car through a car wash and he said the rain would wash the OK red dust off. Not sure if it did, too tired to bother looking--we'll see tomorrow.

Sort of disagreement between pilot and navigator this morning. He wants to hit the nearest Interstate and I do not. Since I had the map, we did not but rather took back roads through terrific little towns and over hills and through farmed valleys. Lots of the burgs in this State are "villes"--Whitesville, Fordsville, etc and we took rte 54 through them all to Leitchfield. Thence rte 62, which paralleled the Western Ky Parkway which is similar to our Taconic Parkway but still too busy for my tastes. Hooked into 84 east at White Mills ( a black road on the map ) and followed it into Hodgenville, the birthplace of Lincoln. We'd been in the neighborhood in the past and I do love the rotary that isn't --just go around the square!

Continued, apprehensively, along 84 which now appeared as a gray road on the map.This designates a rural highway as opposed to a State secondary road. Didn't tell the pilot--figured he'd get it sooner or later. As it turns out it was simply beautiful--though not designated a scenic byway. The road was narrow and went around or over small hills but each perambulation brought us into a mountain surrounded bowl of a valley in which were scattered farms and their fields ready to be plowed or used for grazing. Truly rural and very pastoral.

At Lebanon, things improved roadwise, if not scenery wise. Here we picked up 68--a scenic byway-- into Perryville. We'd been here before--there is a Civil War Battlefield here and we explored it on a particularly cold and blustery day two years ago. Continued on 150 to Danville. Now, that town has more historical signs than I've seen in the whole rest of Ky. Impossible to stop in the busyness of the burg to see any of them. There is Constitutional Square and Centre College etc. Maybe someday we'll come this way and Bill won't be racing to the warmth or racing to home and we'll be able to explore.

Continued on 52 to Lancaster and then another back road to Beria, which lies against I 75  to Lexington.  It was fun to see all the quilt squares on barns along today's route. I think it is like the Underground Railroad--hey, lady, here is found another quilter!!! A comrade in needles.

St Mary's College was interesting especially since the Marion ( referring to the county) adjustment center appeared to be out in the area where the College was. That is a fancy name for a jail that houses 800+ inmates!  LOL


Another aspect of education in America is presented in the history of the Rosenfeld Schools.

Danville is an interesting place :  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Danville,_Kentucky

Probably, the most notable thing about Lancaster, Ky is the Garrand Co Courthouse!! LOL

We didn't go out in Berea but instead opted for a Pizza Hut pizza delivery. It is a dry town ( many of the counties are also dry--the home of bourbon, right???) so rather than have Bill go through withdrawal I let him have my saved three bottles of Shock Top and I opened my second bottle of wine--Rex Goliath Merlot. I packed six bottles of wine but really haven't wanted to drink at all so never really touched it. Oh, well. Guess tonight is damned Basketball again and only one TV. Groan.

Haven't a clue where we are headed tomorrow but I'll think about it in the morning. Until tomorrow night--hugs from KandB

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