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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Nothing Easter-like today

  Easter Sunday March 31,2013 5:29 PM  Room 230 Comfort Inn and Suites Cumberland (LaVal), Md

Rainy, foggy day--nothing really visible so not a good picture day--even if it wasn't what we've seen many times before. No dressy clothes, no Church, no Easter bunny, no Easter dinner--crappy all in all. To top it off, snow and thick on the ground in both W. Va and Md. As we passed Weston, W. Va, I noticed that they have resumed tours of the old asylum there. It is an eerie place, wonder if they've cleaned it up at all. I could not go through it back in 2004--my skin just crawled and I felt threatened in isolated corners of the place. Also at the same time we realized that the car has accrued 100,000 miles since we acquired it in Tulsa at the demise of our Cobalt--when? Feb, 2009!

I slept between Clarksburg and Martinsburg, W Va--didn't sleep well last night.  Awake at 330 am and didn't fall back to sleep until 745 and then got up at 830.  Really tired tonight. Had a small steak, slaw and sweet potato fries for dinner. Was looking forward to lamb but no restaurants but steak houses around here. Outback has a terrific rack of lamb but no Outback here.

Nice room with whirlpool--that is one thing--this is whirlpool country!  We just don't get them in the West.

Looks as though Binghamton tomorrow night and then a quick stop at Barb's on Tues. Bill won't spend the night--says there is nothing for him to do. So I guess it is home on Tues. Not happy but what can I do?  Guess I'll just hibernate until Spring finally reaches Vermont. I've got to get out of that place!!!  Later KandB

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