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Friday, September 12, 2014

Cheyenne Layover


September 12, 2014 Room 125 Quality Inn Cheyenne, Wyoming

As planned when we arrived on Wednesday we have remained here in Cheyenne and will leave tomorrow for Riverton.  My original plan was to head West on 80 to Rawlins and then cut up the mountains to the Wind River Valley but not sure how much snow may still be on those mountain roads so have changed the route. We will take 25 north to Casper and then take the  valley road to Riverton. Amazingly, though this is a bit of backtracking to the north, we are headed that far north anyway and this route is actually shorter than the more scenic mountain route I’d originally planned. We will have plenty of mountains as we move West—Tetons, Rockies and Cascades.  This time, since we know where we are headed I’ve reserved the rooms for the next several nights, Riverton, Flagg Ranch and Bozeman. The weather is supposed to be in the 70s- 60s and sunny for at least the next week so snow isn’t an issue for a little longer.

In actuality, the sojourn here in Cheyenne has been refreshing and rejuvenating. We opened our Amana Community wine and ordered Pizza Hut in on the first evening. Yesterday was an unbelievably cloudy day with fog and rain, sometimes hard enough to create a wet curtain on our windows and at other times mixed with icy rain. We watched trucks by the zillions zip along I 25 outside our windows—north toward Casper, south toward Denver—and the road spray they churned up at the few cars that fit between them. We remained warm and cozy and safe. It was nice to eat our breakfast leisurely and have a second cup of coffee while reading USA Today. We did our first laundry of the trip, having run out of undies, did our nails. Had a wonderful hour long chat with Betsy. I really love when we have those Mom-daughter moments. Watched some PBS while eating salads and cheese broccoli soup. Slept in late this morning.

Woke up today to snow on the ground—not a great deal but enough that we would not want to be driving on it, especially at elevation. The morning’s sunrise looked promising but soon the sky clouded over once more. It actually was colder today and so we ran the heat for a few hours to take the damp chill off. Another lovely breakfast using real glasses, cups, plates and silverware. Very unusual for Comfort Inns. The staff here is the best I’ve ever encountered. Heather our housekeeper is just a sweet young girl and the cook in the breakfast room is as sunny as the day was cloudy. She clears the table of our dishes and brings more coffee—it is more like a restaurant than a breakfast room. Lingered again with our papers and coffee then returned to the room . Washed yesterday’s clothes and read and caught up on Goodreads, FB, email etc on the computer. Made all our reservations for the next few days on the computer. Chatted with Bill. Around noontime the sky started to brighten and the clouds to part revealing patches of blue.  Went out to the car to bring in something for lunch—cheese and pineapple tidbits with green tea. I took a nap from about 1 to 3 and Barb continued to read Ghost Stories of Iowa. I’m next. I’ve been reading Isaac’s Storm about the devastating hurricane that destroyed Galveston in Sept of 1900. By 4 the sky had totally cleared, the snow and ice had totally melted and the day turned out to be a beautiful cloudless fall day. Perfect –tomorrow should be a terrific travel day. We are ready to hit the road once more.

Good night from the Refreshed, Rejuvenated and Ready to Roll Sisters, Kathy and Barb

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