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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Here We Are Back in Lederhosen, oops, I Mean Leavenworth, Washington


Sunday September 21, 2014 Howard Johnson’s Room 210 Leavenworth, Washington

Left Mt Vernon this morning and took another scenic trail on the Cascades Loop—we have done most of the loop, missing just a small section north of Anacortes. This one took us over the bridge from Fidalgo Island onto Whidbey Island over Deception Pass—not a mountain pass but rather a maritime pass between two islands.


We passed the Whidbey Naval Air Station which may have been part of the Top Gun story though not sure. Loved the notation on the map: NOLF—guess it means Naval Out Lying Field—pretty grassy and unused looking.

At the Southern end we took yet another Washington State Ferry to the mainland and drove around the Boeing Plant in Everett to get back to Rte 2 and Stewart’s Pass once more. It is interesting to see the same mountains from the windward side and see what a bit of Pacific laden rain can do for the vegetation.

Went downtown, thinking we’d perhaps have a German dinner at one of the restaurants. Really disappointed with the town—it is primarily a movie set. We went into the sausage shop and there was nothing very Alpine on offer. Frankenmuth Michigan is much nicer—real German bakeries and butchers and German restaurants. This town is totally for show. We’d like to see the Nutcracker Museum but unless there is parking downtown in the morning we will move on. Not sorry we stopped here, though. It was a perfect distance for the day, the room is nice and the price is right. I picked up some freshly fried chicken wings and we ate a huge salad with it. Barb had a Marie Calendar’s pot pie. A hot meal and filling. Picked up a few Landerjaegers but don’t know how they’ll be. Love the ones from Oscar’s in Warrensburg.

Have a lot of googling to do tonight—checking out mileage—can you imagine the Washington map for which I paid $2 doesn’t have a mileage scale. By the Way, gas around Everett is $3.999/gal!!! Guess one must pay to breathe the air in Washington now, too. There are lots of electric car charging stations on the scenic roads, here. Prius ,anyone?

Good night from the Anticipatory Sisters—two episodes of Miss Marple tonight!!!!  Did the Broncos win?  They don’t tell you anything in Wa unless the Seahawks win. The Captain of the ferry yesterday said that there would be a broadcast of the game on the ferries today.  LOL

Kathy and Barb

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