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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

From Top to Bottom of Oregon


Wednesday September 24, 2014 Quality Inn Room 410  Klamath Falls, Oregon

The day began in a lovely room in Troutdale, Oregon—a corner room with two windows at right angles to each other.  If it hadn’t been so expensive or taken so many points, I think we would have remained there for another day. We took our time over breakfast and got talking to a gentleman on his way to Vegas to meet up with some group called the Memphis Mafia—something about Elvis Impersonaters etc. We got talking about all the places we’d been to in common—he is a inveterate traveler also. It is always fun to compare notes. He warned us that there had been a serious accident on I 5 just south of Portland and the Interstate was closed. Just heard on the 6 pm news that it was quite serious with about 6 vehicles involved including a semi and one death with the passenger of the fatality in serious condition. Seems there was another in the Medford area—hydroplaning truck. Fortunately, we avoid Interstates whenever possible so I 5 was not part of our plan.

He wished us safe travels and we wished him to keep dry—he’d kiddingly said his vehicle got wet inside and out –then added probably because it has only two wheels. Off he went on his cold, wet ride on the motorcycle while we got cozy in George and headed out rt 26 toward Sandy.  Had only one really hairy height area although three passes to go through to reach rt 97 south. The day was so gray, damp and cold, I was inspired to go a bit artsy and photograph in the same mode. The pictures look really old and we love them. Mt Hood was quite shrouded in mist though I was able to get a picture of the lower snow covered slopes.

In the National Forests we passed through the air was redolent with a cedar-y slightly menthol-like aroma. Very refreshing. The variety of conifers is remarkable. When we came to the plateau area of Oregon, which I didn’t know existed—north of Bend—I pulled out a pineapple-coconut-macadamia bar made by Liberty Orchards in Cashmere, Wa. While I was describing the flavor—strong pineapple with the crunch of nut and the aftertaste of toasted coconut—Barb told me I sounded like a Sonic commercial—lol  After sharing that bar and that critique, I dug out the Walker’s and inspired by its buttery gold and the gold of the surrounding grasses, I switched to color photography once more. Once we descended into Madras, the scene became drab once more and I reverted to black and white.

Somewhere along the line, Barb handed me a bag of mints to refill the round box we use when we need something to moisten our mouths. At some point, she asked if she hit me in the head, I looked at her blankly and said, I don’t know, did you?  We got hysterical laughing—how come I didn’t know if I was hit in the head?? We don’t get too hypnotized on these roads with the wipers going back and forth, back and forth, you’re getting sleepy, bonk, back and forth, back and forth, did I feel a bonk? back and forth…..Oh, what was I saying?

As we reached Upper Klamath Lake, which is huge, we could see between the mountains, the skies over California—blue with puffy clouds and a slight touch of sun. But, of course, as we all know: It never rains in California—but it pours, man ,it pours, in OREGON!

After covering almost 300 miles in awful weather we decided the time had come to rest—so here we are in Klamath Falls. Finishing up the day in yet another corner room, this one drab and dreary furnished in early 1950’s but not quaint!  Time for leftovers for dinner and some TV. Good night once more from California Bound Sisters, Kathy and Barb


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