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Friday, September 26, 2014

Route 95 in Nevada from Reno to Tonopah!


Friday September 26, 2014 Best Western Room 115 Tonopah, Nevada

A few days ago, when speaking to Bill about the expense of gas and accommodations in the Pacific Northwest, he suggested that we cut over to northwestern Nevada and travel down to Joshua Tree that route. He said since there is very little there, the motels should be smaller and cheaper.  We had hoped to visit friends in Sacramento, but they were returning from Hawaii yesterday and the weather started to become iffy. So we followed Bill’s suggestion.

Well, one thing for sure, we aren’t spending any money—because he is right—there is nothing in Northwestern Nevada once one leaves Reno/Sparks. We passed through several ghost towns, that used to have small motels. Without windows and in some cases roofs, I just bet they’d be cheaper than some of the places we’ve stayed, if only we could find the proprietors. Then we passed through a couple that actually had small motels but, though we are not snobs, we do prefer places that at least look maintained on the outside.  Fallon, Nevada—home of a Naval Air Station—was the last town we passed through that looked inviting. Let us just say that the site of the Army Armament Depot town of Hawthorne had a couple of motels that looked as though they rented by the hour.

We did take a break along the shores of Walker Lake and after the desert sand and sage, it looked like a jewel of the brightest sapphire blue. So sad that it is gradually drying up like many of the lakes we passed. Nothing but the sandy scar of a once large lake. Yesterday’s Eagle Lake, in California appears to be drying up, too.

Our drive was nothing if not diverse so far as landscape and skyscape. Simply beautiful and for the most part, though at high elevation, flat. A couple of chain up areas but no drop offs—perfect. We covered 321 miles from Susanville, Ca to Tonopah, Nevada and are still 200 miles from Vegas where we will take I 15 to Barstow. Hopefully, we will be there tomorrow night, though again they are predicting severe thunderstorms in Vegas tomorrow. We are not stopping in Vegas and we did not stop in Reno. Been there, done that and once is enough. Barb has been to Vegas several times but doesn’t care about going back either. If it is really storming we will, because the hotels are cheap—they want you to spend your money in the casinos. I need to stop somewhere for a couple of days, it is time to pay bills!

At any rate, we are tired but ordered local hamburgers in and they sure tasted good. So once more, the Fatigued and Fed Sisters bid you Good Night

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