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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Yakima Res, Columbia River Gorge, and Tad’s in Troutdale, Oregon


Tuesday September 23, 2014 Comfort Inn Room 201 Troutdale, Oregon Barb dictated today’s blog—had a great visit to Yakima Heritage Center and visited with Lisa. Saw wild horses, whose population is getting out of control and devastating the Res. It rained. Great ride down to the River. Beautiful waterfalls, got Katherine to stand near the wall above the river. Called Aunt Shirl for her 92nd birthday today. Checked in with Bill and with Charlie and his family. Great dinner at Tad’s—steak for Katherine, liver for Barb. Sat in our normal corner window. Checked in to the motel in Troutdale, Oregon. Great day, fun times, Showtime--

Goodnight---Stuffed and Tired Sisters, Kathy and Barb

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