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Friday, February 6, 2015

A Depressing Snow Delay


Friday February 6,2015 Room 128 Clarion Hotel Williamsville, New York

Bill asked me last night if we could be on the road by 8am so that we’d make Cincinnati by early evening—at least around 430 ish. So I got up at 630, was in the breakfast room by 7 and got the car packed and on the road by 745. It was snowing, though the weather report had said this would be a good driving day with clear skies. The interstate wasn’t too bad initially although it had not been salted. Soon, however, the wind caused several white outs and several times we had to pump our brakes because of inexplicable braking by the cars in front of us. We continued on in ever worsening conditions.

As we approached the Depew exit I saw that there was both a Clarion and an Econolodge. I told Bill I was getting really sick to my stomach and didn’t know if the tension was worth it. He agreed. At the exit ramp, as we got in the right lane leading into it, the traffic came to a standstill and the cars entering the Thruway were backing up as well. We pulled into the Clarion and were relieved to find that we could go into a room immediately and we were also invited to partake of their breakfast since it was still being offered until 10. We had gone around 25 miles in an hour or so. You can see the traffic on the Thruway in the background of Bill’s bringing luggage into the lobby. The overpass is the actual Thruway headed into Buffalo.

This is a lovely hotel and because we are Diamond Elites the desk clerk gave us the $80 room for $69! We got everything into the room, went down and had a coffee and sausage biscuit. Within the hour the sun came out!!!!! So depressing!  But the wind did continue and it was very cold. Though totally bummed and very tired, I think we did the right thing. The only problem is that snow is predicted for the whole weekend, with the worst being on Sunday into Monday. So at this point it may be that our first prolonged stay may be five miles east of Buffalo!!! Oh, well, there is a terrific swimming pool and hot tub as well as an exercise room. Neither of which we used today but if we are here for days we might as well treat it as a spa weekend.

Will let you know how it goes tomorrow. Until then, stay warm and drive safely—we are trying to do both of those things. Later the Two Traveling Peas.

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