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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Snowless Ohio

Tuesday February 10,2015 Room 121 Comfort Inn Cincinnati, Ohio

Boy, our rhythm has been so disrupted by the snow and our lengthy stay in New York. Usually we leave Barb’s in the morning, stop the first night in Batavia and the second night in Cincinnati. By going only 25 miles or so past Batavia and then going only as far as Erie, Pa yesterday we are going fewer miles and stopping earlier than usual. What we would have covered in one day we’ve spread over three days of driving. As a result we stopped today at 2 pm, much too early in my estimate.

On the plus side, however, we had sun, weak though it was most of the time, for today’s drive and by the time we left Columbus behind we were pleased to see snow diminishing by the mile. Here the sun is out strongly, the temperature is 31 degrees instead of 19 or lower and the snow is all gone. This part of the trip isn’t particularly interesting anymore, we’ve driven it so frequently. I fell asleep after Cleveland and slept almost all the way to Columbus. Didn’t miss much. Biggest “HA” moment was seeing a car carrier truck, the cab of which said it was from South Glens Falls, New York!!

Saw a big orange rig without any markings and it made me think about Allied Van Lines and Mayflower Van Lines. I haven’t seen their trucks in years---have they gone out of business? Don’t people move anymore or do they just leave stuff behind and buy new when they relocate?  Is everyone driving Ryder or other rentals with their belongings?  I wish there were some requirement for a truck driving training before these drivers can rent those big rigs. So many of them are so far over their heads so far as driving ability of such vehicles is concerned. They are scarier than the big rigs.

Well, since we are in so early I guess I’ll get the paper read and part of my book before NCIS etc. Tomorrow we should be back to the old routine and have BBQ at Smoky Pig in Bowling Green and maybe stay there or Nashville before heading down the Trace and the real South. We’re ready, that’s for sure.  Kind of worried, haven’t heard from Bets since Sat. Think I’ll give her a call now.

For the rest, keep warm and take care!

The Two Traveling Peas

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