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Thursday, February 5, 2015

On Our Way, At Last


Thursday February 5, 2015 Comfort Inn room 105 Batavia New York

Left Post Mills at 730 am yesterday and headed to our first stop, the traditional brunch at Barb’s house in Saratoga Springs. Said goodbye to Attila the Hon, for whom  we delayed our departure. He was to have his rabies and distemper shots on Monday but a snow storm required a reschedule until Tuesday. Took some shots of the driveway and house to compare to what, I hope, will be a snow free yard in April!  Ha!! Also took a shot of our Evergreen Toyota Corolla,which is heading out on its first, but hopefully not its last, cross country trip.

The roads were terrible, particularly Killington, where we became trapped behind a New York driver who was afraid to pull into the slow lane, which was hardly plowed. He drove from the base of Killington on the East all the way up and over to a road just before the Rutland line. As a result, what is usually a three hour drive turned into a four hour drive. As a result, we knew that once we ate brunch we would not make Batavia, so we stayed the night. It actually turned out to be a nice visit, Barb and I sharing our new computers—she has a new 17.5 inch HP laptop and I have this baby Dell. Also, Bill cooked Nepali food, which we all love, for dinner. Got to chat with my nephew, too.

After a cholesterol free bacon sausage,buttered English muffin, coffee breakfast we headed out at 1015 this morning and for the most part had a beautiful drive to Batavia. The roads were totally dry, the skies blue and sunny and the winds easily handled. We did have a couple of snow squalls, around the Montezuma Wildlife Refuge but the roads were heavily salted so though the temperatures never went above 13 degrees Fahrenheit, the wet roads did not freeze. We made excellent time and were checked into our hotel by 230. Headed over to Applebee's for early dinner so that we would be able to watch The Five and get this subfreezing room warm by prime time TV. Tomorrow is supposed to be clear as well so we are hoping to reach Cincinnati which is almost south.

The drive gave me time to study one of the three manuals that came with the car. We also arrived at the new name for the car. Since the color is called Evergreen by Toyota, we decided the car needed to be named after evergreen trees. His name is Douglas (fir) Bristlecone (pine). Even sounds Native American. A win-win, as they say in every situation these days.

Until tomorrow—good night from the Traveling Two Peas.

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