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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Cold in the South, Too!


Thursday February 12,2015 Room 102 Quality Inn Tupelo, Mississippi

Up early this morning and out into the windy cold 28 cloudy day with snow spitting everywhere. So disappointing after yesterday’s beauty. Had snow all the way to Nashville and the Batman Building, though it didn’t accumulate on the roads. The wind made it a little hairy with the wind causing the tractor trailers to weave back and forth more than I’d like. It was a relief to get off I 65 at Old Hickory Blvd and head out to the Natchez Trace. Love the mansions along the way and the wishful thinking of one owner with the three rubberized snowmen. Maybe it was relief that they only had to use inflatables instead of having to deal with the real stuff?

The Trace looks very different than its Fall foliage color or its profusion of early spring flowers, including the fields of wild daffodils. Still, it is nice to ride a peaceful no traffic road through three States. By the time we reached Fall Hallow and our lunch stop the temperature had risen to 33 degrees but it was a raw cold. We ate in the car with the window cracked to listen to the stepped falls off to the side. Not much water flowing but enough to create that soothing water sound. We took a bit of a stroll to stretch our legs and then continued southward.

By the time we reached Mississippi the sun had broken through and the temperature rose to 42 degrees. With the sun roof uncovered and the sun beating through the windows it was like riding in a greenhouse and I happened to look down to see that the automatic heating system had switched to A/C to maintain the 73 degrees that we find comfortable.  Liking that sunroof!

Arrived in Tupelo around 330ish—we are in Central Time as we were last night, too. It changes somewhere in Central Kentucky. Watched The Five—which is on at four here—then went to Longhorn for dinner—nice little 6oz sirloin, baked sweet potato and a glass of Malbec. Wouldn’t you know that here they show Jeopardy before Wheel ( unlike the past three days when it has been reversed) so I missed tonight’s edition.   :(

Tomorrow we reach Natchez and then return to the Cane River Historical district that we didn’t explore two years ago. I’ve wanted to return ever since. Hope things are open and that it is a bit warmer to walk around. Well, must run, I’m missing The Blacklist—until tomorrow—take care.

The Two Traveling Peas!

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