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Friday, February 13, 2015

Natchez, 55 degrees and Daffodils


Friday February 13, 2015 Room 108 Quality Inn Natchez, Mississippi

Back onto the Trace in Tupelo on a beautiful sunny day that started out at a nippy 31 degrees. It didn’t take long to warm up into the 40’s and the A/C as usual came on to keep us cool in our traveling greenhouse.  This Parkway is truly a 441 mile park. The trees are so different throughout its length and one never knows what we’ll see for animals. Lots of hawks sitting on the ends of bare limbs surveying open fields for anything that moves, a few deer, a opossum , turkeys, crows, buzzards. A bit more traffic today especially around Jackson. As you ride along the Trace you feel so far away from main roads, towns and houses but in actuality, all those things, in most places, are just beyond the tree line.

We reached the site of an April 2011 tornado and once more we are overwhelmed by the destruction these twisters can cause and the size of the area that is damaged—here it is 5-7 miles along the length of our road and at least a half mile across. Just unbelievable.

Bill and I have never stopped at French Camp but Barb and I did on our way home last Fall so I wanted Bill to have lunch there. My red-haired Ryan waited on us once more and once more declined being adopted by me, since I live in what he calls Tundra Territory!  LOL He enjoyed meeting Bill and chatting and laughing with him. Bill had chili which smelled delicious and he said it was; I had the Big Willie once more. The thing is huge and I will not eat anything else today. It and a big glass of sweet tea is enough food for one 12 hour day, thank you.

I don’t know how I managed not to fall asleep with such a full tummy and in the sultry heat of the car. But manage I did. Unfortunately the sun was shining on the windshield in such a way that a film on the glass made my pictures hazy and/or dark. Basically, what I was recording was the lovely skeletons of the trees, the ever increasing Spanish moss as we traveled South and, 47 miles north of Natchez a wonderful cluster of wild daffodils in full bloom. The fields were purple with low growing flowers and in other places little blue and little white flowers were in bloom. Spring has arrived in Mississippi. As a matter of fact, a farmer was plowing his fields in Kentucky as we left Bowling Green. All along the road the red buds are in early bloom also and the temperature rose into the 50’s.

By the time we checked into the motel at 330CST the temperature had reached 55 degrees. We’re loving it!  Wanted to stay in the Comfort Inn which is on the levee overlooking the Mississippi in Vidalia, La, right across the river, but just could not justify $105 a night when we have a lovely room for $58. If we were staying for any time in the area, so that we would use the living room etc, we’d reconsider—or if we’d arrived on Valentine’s Day itself, maybe. We come this way often enough, we might yet splurge—I’d love a room overlooking the Mighty Big Muddy.

For now, I must look at the map of Louisiana—we are reaching the Cane River historical District and Faraday—the home of Jerry Lee Lewis and his famous cousins. Must check out the Delta Music Museum.  Lots of good stuff.

Good God, they are predicting snow here next week—no way!!!! Grrr, until tomorrow—hugs from the Two Traveling Peas!

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