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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Back in the Big Thicket

Up by 8, on the road by 9 and just two exits down stopped at The Texas Ranger Museum. Oh, my goodness, men and their guns and leather and a 45 minute propaganda movie on how wonderful these men were who tamed Tejas! Right! A badge and unlimited authority and paid in land! I'm sure " justice " was always well served--I suspect there wasn't too much heigh-o Silver or Tonto kimosabying going on. As a matter of fact, other than taking care of fence cutters and prison escapees and rioters at unlawful prize fights the biggest aim of the Rangers was to keep Mexicans in Mexico after battling them in the Mexican War and to annihilate the Comanches. I'm sure there were some upstanding good men but in general other than that badge and government backing most of them weren't a great deal better than the so called " lawless"! Bill and I laughed when the film mentioned Hamer, the Ranger in charge of the Bonnie and Clyde massacre, who wrote a letter to King George of England, offering to send the Rangers to fight Hitler. He was quickly informed by our government that he could not do such a thing and violate our neutrality. The King sent him a letter expressing his gratitude, but what was even more hilarious, was the film's assertation that Hitler had heard of the Rangers and was concerned about their involvement on the British side. Hamer had maybe a 100 men to offer! Too reminiscent of certain guys I encountered in Customs--actually , several of these guys went from Rangers to mounted Customs inspector.As you can see I was more impressed by the collection of bronzes than anything else and I liked the oil, the title of which is A Little Shade. After about an hour and a half we sought out our Farm roads and headed in a zig-zag fashion East. We came to Flo which is not even on the map--one can see why--and was impressed that Miss Texas hails from this crossroads of Farm Roads. Soon we arrived in Crockett and did the Sonic stop--I always like to eat in Sonic once--just because. On our way out of town, on this beautiful almost cloudless 74 degree day we passed motorcycle groups who were taking part in a one day rally--lots of families and campers and kids --perfect day for it. Stopped to read historical signs as usual and then we were in the woods of the Big Thicket. What a delight to see flowers in bloom, and trees leafing out and the Trinity River flush with muddy water--to say nothing of the mud covered trucks entering Lufkin with us. Went to the Lufkin Antiques Mall on Frank and 3rd and picked up three old souvenir spoons--The Golden Gate Bridge, The Brooklyn Bridge( wish it had been the Manhattan Bridge--my grandfather worked on that one ) and one from White Lake in the Adirondacks. Then checked into the motel--had dinner at the Hole in One restaurant in the motel--ate there last year and the steaks were great. We both opted for chicken this year, though. Bill had Chicken Marsala, which looked and smelled wonderful and he said tasted great,too. I had a wonderful leafy salad with blueberries, blue cheese crumbles and walnuts---soooooo good. Doing laundry now and trying to figure out if we want to do our traditional New Iberia oyster bar, Books on the Teche and Riverside Grill fried oysters in Lafayette or go to St Francisville and over to Alabama--Mobile way---oh, me oh my---traditions are important, no????? Let you know tomorrow night what we decided. Aside to Leslie--tape came loose on our pennies but I got some new and hooked them right back into the expense record book, which is tucked into the pocket on my door. They are taking care of us so far! LOL

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