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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Here an Oyster, There an Oyster, Everywhere an Oyster!

Monday was truly a lazy day--slept in until around 9, took our time getting out on the road! It was a rainy, overcast day--really the first we've had that we could say was terrible weather. Eventually, took the 20 mile drive down to New Iberia and Bojangles Sushi and Oyster Bar for our annual plate of oysters on the half-shell with an Abita Springs beer--but they don't carry Abita anymore so I had a Stella instead. Then across the street to a tiny bookstore that I love--James Lee Burke, an author of David Robischeaux novels--David a world weary New Iberia cop--new movie made last year used Tommy Lee Jones as Dave---good casting! Anyway, JLB lives and writes in New Iberia in winter and in Missoula, Mt in summer. I always go in a buy one of his books when I'm here--never buy them anywhere else--so may not get all his books read!! LOL Also picked up a book called God Bless Jazz by a Jesuit priest who played clarinet in the New Orleans French Quarter with Pete Fountain and Al Hirt while serving his vocation as a high school teacher in one of the Catholic high schools for some years and as the retreat director in two different southern Louisiana Retreat Houses in other years. I found that fascinating--though not surprised--those Jesuits are amazing men and the order allows them such individual freedom to develop their own interests. Some are practicing lawyers, one has been a Congressman, yet another, whose name escapes me just now, has been a very popular author and lives in his own penthouse apt in Chicago! All the while fulfilling their obligations as priests of the Church! Forgot to ask the gentleman what happened to Hadrian! There was a full sized Roman -type sculpture of Hadrian in front of the Hadrian building and he is gone!!! The teller at the bank had no idea what I was talking about and he was right around the corner. I'll have to contact the New Iberia website I guess. Our next stop was the Konriko Rice Mill to stock up on some of their seasonings which we have used up and Bill got some Red beans and rice. It is always fun to chat up the ladies there. One showed me a clever doll--claims her nanny made her one when she was growing up in the '60's/ An upsy -daisy doll--turned one way up she is a little white doll but turned upside down her dress goes inside out and she is a black doll. So in private she could play with her black doll but in public she'd turn her the other way up. I would have bought one but I don't collect dolls and $40 was too much for something I really had no display place for. Our last stop--early dinner at Poor Boy's and our fried oysters--they were heaven, as usual and the sweet potato is so good that you add nothing but a little cinnamon--no butter they are soooooo sweet. Our man in the bookstore said that Shucks in Abbeville has the best oysters though he allowed as how Poor Boy's weren't too shabby. He likes Shucks better than Bojangles but I cannot help but wonder if that isn't because Bojangles is also a Sushi Bar and is run by Japanese. Then it was back to the motel and a lovely evening of reading and relaxing. Heaven is smothered in oysters, folks!!!

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