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Friday, March 12, 2010

This is NOT Spain!

Today we left Hattiesburg and headed North and then West with the idea of getting to Clarksdale and dinner at Morgan Freeman's restaurant Madidi and go to his blues club--Ground Zero--probably tomorrow. That is not going to happen--Bill could NEVER eat at a restaurant that is in the same price bracket as Morton's! His misery would ruin it for me and then he'd start nagging that we don't have enough money to continue traveling and need to head home. As to Ground Zero Blues Club--the music doesn't start until 9 --which I knew would be the case--but he goes to bed by then. I'd love to rent one of the upstairs apartment for the night but can you imagine him above a juke joint jumpin until 2 am......So, until I can get my sister to come back with me or Linda, who shared an apt with me above a bar in NO and loved it, I guess, this was a big digression. Nevertheless, the pictures show how lovely and how changeable the State is from Hattiesburg Northwest to Grenada where we are tonight. Bill did say we could go to see the Blues museum next to the Blues club and maybe have lunch but it is in downtown on a Saturday. Memories of Tulsa assault me--I think not! So, we'll go to Oxford and see Faulkner's house tomorrow and then, depending on the weather we'll head into Tennessee with the hope of going to Frankfort, Ky--where I've wanted to go the last two trips--or we will go, yet again to Alabama. This is really not my favorite part of the country. Oh, to travel in Fall and not be so restricted by crappy weather! This may be my last trip with Bill if he continues to insist on Winter travel. Barb and I will go in Fall and I'll see the Pacific Northwest again and maybe get to Colorado and once more to Arizona. Those are the parts of the country I've decided I like--I've had enough of the deep south, with its kudzu, humidity, bugs. A sign today--Dead Termites Don't Eat Houses! Great!!! Another: Aspire to Inspire before You Expire. Can't you just hear:-- Aspieah--Inspieah--Expieahhhhhh!!! Is Mississippi Burning a book as well as a movie? How could something so terrible have happened in a place that is so beautiful--what 50 years will do, though! Barb, you should see Koskiusko--which the fellow, in Hattiesburg, who thought I was a native of that city,says is pronounce Koskiesko--actually more like Koskesko. Total strip built from the Trace all the way past the PO --you would not recognize it! Well, a bientot--I'm tired. Off to the Crimsom Rose--nothing on TV, alas! What's new?

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