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Thursday, March 25, 2010

And Then We Were Home

Left Binghamton around 10:30 under cloudy, cold skies. The Susquehana almost to flood stage all along I 81. Fields flooded in places to the point where you could not recognize where the River bed lay. Ponds still frozen though the ice is thin and in places has melted--they aren't frozen solid. The temperature was in the 40's and places still had a great deal of snow. I didn't take many pictures because this is an area I've traveled so many times in my life--NYS is my old stomping grounds. I-81 is an awful road--non-maintained and it is sad the beautiful farms that were destroyed to create it. I am hoping that we will choose another route the next time we sally forth--I'm tired of that same old same old. Once we were off it and on our way to Amsterdam and thus to my sister's in Saratoga I retired the camera. Barb had a lovely luncheon for us--pork chops, beets, mashed potatoes and apple sauce with a glass of cabernet. Had not expected such a feast and it was delicious. She even baked brownies and served coffee with them. She and I talked a blue streak and Bill sort of rested in the living room after we ate. Finally, around three we headed home. I stayed awake until around Castleton and then gave up the ghost and slept until Woodstock. We did stop at 7 Barrel and had a few beers and a sandwich with Allan Gold and Jim Mulligan and a few other folks and then it was home--once more through torrential rain and fog. Betsy was here when we arrived and flew out the door to greet us--got the biggest hug I've had in ages. Soot refused to greet us and Misty didn't even show her face. We all talked for awhile downstairs and then Bets came up and sat on the bed to talk with me and Misty. Later she spent time downstairs with Bill while I watched The Good Wife, which I'd seen. I'm not as bummed as I have been in the past to be home but I sure am bummed about this weather and the cold--that I had hoped we'd avoid. We got home exactly one day later than last year and the plan was to be gone longer. Nevertheless, it was a good trip. I spent yesterday going through the bin of mail and going over the various bank statements that came in while we were gone. I also started the new book that I've gotten from Good Reads--it hasn't been published yet and is an unedited draft due to be published in May. So far I'm enjoying it immensely. Today, as you can see I got caught up on my logs and photos. Tomorrow I shall figure out what we spent on average per day and what our lodging came to with 11 free nights. Will let you know because I cannot urge you enough if you travel at all to sign up for the Choice Privileges program--it costs nothing and gives plenty. So for now, roadies, I'll give you a break until the next great adventure. Hope you enjoyed the ride and that you'll come along again. Hugs to you all, the Prodigal Ponds

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