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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mississippi Calling

Started today chatting with our breakfast mates one of whom is bicycling from St. Aw-gust-eeeen to San Diego. He's the fellow at the far end table in the baseball cap. He's from Lewiston Maine and he took his vehicle to St Augustine and then headed out for San Diego. He's been on the road 18 days and is taking the day off--said he felt really guilty--like skipping school! One of his daughter's graduated from St. Mike's in Winooski--the other from Providence College in RI. Then we took off on La 10 and points East. Passed through several tiny towns until we came to Franklinton, La where Bill headed into the Citizen's Bank for his daily dose of nickels( some days he goes to two banks--like yesterday, when he got through all his nickels while I shopped and so needed a new batch to search through!) The clouds were so unusual --large and heavy--dropping some rain but breaking apart to shower us with golden warm sunlight at times. Soon we crossed the Pearl River and entered Mississippi. We continued to Picayune and stopped at a little cafe--the donut spot. Filled with county folk--a grandad and his daughter and granddaughter, three old men and a young fellow listening to them deferentially. And several other old bird couples like us. Bill had the hamburg steak platter with brown gravy, mashed potatoes and fried okra--I had a " dressed " cheeseburger and a V-8. I also could not resist a piece of Coca Cola cake--have got to look for that recipe--delicious--chocolate and sinful! When things cleared out a bit and the waitress could breathe I asked if 90 along the coast was open and driveable--she said I'd have to ask one of the older fellows, Jimmy, who was in conversation with a lady. When he could he assured me that yes, they'd cleaned things up real fine. As Bill and I were leaving he followed us out to tell us a good short cut to 90. I felt just like a local--taking an old County Rd around Stennis -- a NASA site that one cannot enter--the name of which is Texas Flat Road but has no sign with it. And it really was a great shortcut and does not appear on the map!!! And then we were on 90 and along one of the most beautiful beaches-- white sand and man made. And in Gulfport totally destroyed by Katrina and the big one that came after. It is amazing to see what has been rebuilt but sad to see the empty pads on which homes and businesses once stood and realize looking at the for sale signs that they will not be rebuilt--at least not by the original owners. One sign listed a price of 300K per acre.! Cheap for Gulf front property but property that could be wasted once more by the next big storm. When I mentioned the cute blue house for sale in New Iberia to our waitress at Poor Boy's she said you better have plenty of money for insurance! Yeah, and even then you don't know if the company will find a way to renege on paying up! But the coast sure is beautiful--even overcast and choppy. 75 degrees as we arrived in Biloxi. Pulled into our motel on the beach to see the parking lot filled with State Trooper cars--a conference--never occured that it could be anything else--except as I write this I wonder why I wasn't alarmed. I think because they were parked, no cops around and no lights flashing--as a matter of fact it was just like Lufkin, Tx last year when our motel was filled with Texas Troopers for a conference! Makes one feel very safe. Well, all caught up. We are two doors down--separated by the Mississippi Coliseum--from Jefferson Davis' last home--Beauvoir. Last year they were still restoring it but it is finished now and so we'll start there tomorrow morning. Many things to see between here and Mobile and we haven't decided what we are going to do yet. Will let you know tomorrow night. Check out this to see me and Bill in our down time! LOL as suggested by our buddy, Joanne http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WIMAM9Golw4&feature=related but this is my favorite http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=350uOqdrFcQ&feature=related So, having been reminded by my favorite Francophile that nuit is feminine, I bid you all a fond Bonne Nuit and a huge hug to Glen.

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