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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Gumbo, Jambalaya, Etouffee, OH,MY!

Got up early to a very overcast sky and headed to the Hole in One for a personally prepared by a delightful man who had spoken to Bill last night and told him that breakfast is eggs, bacon, coffee, juice, homefries--the regular! And so that's what Bill had--I just opted for dry wheat toast, bacon, the biggest glass of orange juice--a beer glass full--I've ever had served me at a restaurant and coffee. Because I didn't have the full offering he only charged $4.50 for me--most places would have charged that much for the oj!!! We chatted about where we'd been and where we were going--he suggested down to Beaumont and East on 10--nope we've been to Beaumont twice and he said--oh, yes, Beaumont is Beaumont! Also not 10--never 10--clickety-clack clickety clack all the way across the country from Yuma--horrible! Nope we took 103 out of Lufkin and then followed it across the rest of the Piney Woods to the Sabine River and on into Louisiana--but NOT my Louisiana--pretty along the Sabine but NOT French Louisiana--just more piney woods.( If Italy is shaped like a boot, Louisiana is shaped like a work boot! ) Came to Oberlin after following back roads--tons of beautiful big buildings--not a restaurant or cafe in sight. Until then any eateries we'd seen were closed--even the the Welcome Center had been closed--but right until around 12:30 every Church we passed had a full to capacity parking lot. Stopped at the Donut Cafe and guess what, they had about a dozen doughnuts, no coffee, except bottled Starbuck's, which is overrated even not bottles. They DID have a restroom, however, which was a gift. Also, I got bitten by a black fly on my wrist, avoided a HUGE wasp on the walkway and managed to close the car door before the yellowjack got in with me--though he/she continued buzzing my window til we blew him off going down the road! That IS one of the drawbacks of Spring-BUGS!!! On we went until we reached Jeff Davis Parish and Acadiana--home at last--I love this part of Louisiana. I'd live here but for the horrible humidity and the need to build one's house on lifts or else of brick to avoid the termites. Came to the rice cum crawfish pools and knew we were there--Cajun country. Several pools had white herons feeding on those crayfish. When we reached Lafayette we continued down to New Iberia--bummed out for two things--YESTERDAY was the Great Alligator Race!!!! and Bojangles--the oyster bar was closed! So back the 15 miles to our motel--the Garden style Comfort Inn--sight of last year's Korean kareoke and dinner at the finished restaurant. Bill is watching bull riding on TV! I'm hoping I can get Masterpiece otherwise no TV for me--will finish my book--dying to know who the murderer is anyway! Staying here two nights but a huge violent thunderstorm is predicted for tomorrow so may not go anywhere--except New Iberia for oysters and the bookstore and then to Poor Boy's Riverside Inn for dinner of fried oysters. Who cares what the weather is!!!!! A bon nuit, all!

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