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Monday, February 20, 2012

A Beautiful Day with Nature ( and some tourons!)

Oh, What a glorious day my friends!  We took our time getting ready but by 10 am in 60's we headed across the drawbridge to US Route 1--The Dixie Highway ---and the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge.  The pictures pretty much say it all---at least all of the good stuff. The weather was heavenly, the fauna and flora to die for and it was just wonderful. We did see Manatees and spend time talking to two local retirees in their folding chairs lazily casting for ocean trout at the boat launch. The water was so murky that we only saw an occasional back or a whiskered face as the manatees--three of them--fed in the cove on dead vegetation. The pelican lazily guarded the access and egress from and to the cove on the off chance that a fish might be dropped at his ( her ? ) feet.

The visitor center was a zoo--with obnoxious Northerners demanding attention but still managing to hold each other up. One guy tried SIX credit cards before one worked and then had the gall to tell the little girl cashier that he COULD have paid with cash,while the rest of us patiently sweltered behind him.

Then the wildlife loop was awful with a string of cars--though everyone was polite--still, it was like seeing the Mona Lisa at the Met or the Pieta in St Peter's look but don't stop. We did meet a nice couple from St Albans and managed to share a few words before having to move on. If I didn't look ahead and just paid attention to the wildlife it was fabulous--so that is what I did and my blood pressure was normal and the day was heaven.

Came back to New Smyrna and hit PJ's for early dinner. Met Terri's Dad and another fellow. Terri is the bartender who used to live in Burlington. His Dad is a friend of the guy who owns PJ's and The Garlic, who it turns out is not really from Vermont--though he lived there for years and ran restaurants in the Rutland--Killington--Woodstock corridor. He is from Huntington, LI.

Anyway, got a lead on fishing boats for half day excursions and also a great state park in Deland where there are crystal clear warm springs in which the manatees bask. Well, guess where I think we will spend a day?  Also he told us how to avoid Daytona traffic and get to St Augustine easily and through some neat old places.

Our days are beginning to look full. Trish is still feeling poorly so I haven't gone upstairs YET but Bill has gone to see Bob. Hopefully, she'll make the turn to health soon. I really hope to spend time with her soon. Also we are looking forward to taking them out to dinner. We shall see. In the meantime, fresh air and animals have me sleepy. So back to The Help, maybe some TV and bed.

Thank you, Gloria, for adding Merritt Island to our itinerary!

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