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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Me Time!

Just felt tired today and felt like reading so that's what I did. Trish came down and had coffee and chatted with us for about an hour. After she left I got comfy in a deep leather chair with a great ottoman and read for the whole day. Carrots and homemade hummus for lunch with a couple of almonds. Have some Netflix with me but didn't get to them today. Finished The Help which I really liked but to which I couldn't truly relate.  Wasn't in the South during the civil rights time and don't really remember much of the trip we took down here in '57. I vaguely remember signs over water fountains for whites only but other than that I was totally oblivious. I, of course, remember all the upheaval of the '60's but it, like 'Nam really were far removed from my world and I didn't feel terribly affected by any of it. Never a hippie, never into drugs and free love--kind of totally aware but not a part---it was at the fringes of my existence.  My daughter doesn't believe anyone could have sailed through those times without being hippies tokin' up and sleeping with every guy who was in the area. Long hair--yup, shorter skirts--sort of  but the rest of it--nope. Those who were part of that scene want her generation to believe that everyone lived that way and many of them haven't really outgrown the life-style.Pitiful.

Anyway, the most exciting thing to happen today is that an egret decided to visit our front lawn. Bill and Bob went off to the local airport to see some WWII vintage planes and then hit Clancy's on Flagler for a couple of beers. I was invited but was happy to stay home. Even Trish left for somewhere so I was truly alone in the whole house in silence. Fabulous. I'm rejuvenated and ready to go again tomorrow. Should be St Augustine--LOL !

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