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Monday, February 27, 2012

Good bye Meal at Blackbeard's

Rainy, hot, humid, hazy day and for some reason I was truly tired. Got up at 830 but returned for a nap at 130ish. Slept until 3 or so. Kind of got things tidied up and packed for departure tomorrow. Called Jack and Pris and let them know we would kick around Mt Dora a bit on the way to Hernando. Made reservations at the Quality Inn in Crystal River for tomorrow night.

Took Trish and Bob out to dinner at Blackbeards. Raw oysters for appetizer and fried oysters for dinner. Trish had a fish and the men had prime rib---everything was delicious and the waitress graciously took our picture. When we got in the car Bob said he could smell Dairy Queen and so off we went for dessert and more good conversation and laughter. Such a great evening. Trish wrote Swampy and Kathy Pond were here so, of course, at Bob's instigation I had to take a picture. LOL

Home in time to look out at the park lights, the glow of Daytona and the Ponce Inlet light. Just in time to see the opening of the race and the first major crash through which Danica nicely maneuvered her car.

Chatted with Bets before dinner--she had trouble sleeping last night and Misty is favoring a hind leg. Hope they are both okay.

So tomorrow, we leave New Smyrna, which will be sad but it is time to move on. Will miss the Doyle's and this lovely apartment and the town which is really quite friendly. Tomorrow Jack and Pris and a quick catch-up then off to the Panhandle after years of wanting to see it--hope I'm not disappointed. Then off to Louisiana. 30 laps already finished but no matter what, I'm watching Castle at 10.  Good night all--enjoy the race, if that's your thing.

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