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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Seven Days to Blast-Off

The first week of February has just flown by. It began with a somewhat sleepless night though I was only up for about an hour from 3-4 am and then slept until 10 which is almost unheard of for me. Although the car was to be repaired by the 1st, Johnny didn't like how the new paint looked with the original so he repainted it.

 I made an appointment with Troi, our hair-dressing neighbor to cut, color, highlight this old mop in preparation for going out into the real world.

Feb 2 was cold and blustery and lack of sleep caught up with me--I read and took a nap on the couch with Misty. She was thrilled and decided that my luxurious blanket was a fine replacement for the bakery shirt on the floor.

Received Big Bend info for which I'd sent a couple of days before.

No Groundhog shadow but I forget what that means, exactly. I think nothing, actually.

Thinking of leaving for Fl on the 14th ipo of 19th. Bets going to NYC on the 10th 'til the 13th

Feb 3--Last year's --or was it two years old?--white amaryllis in bloom. Terribly cold day and I found myself spending it on the computer. Not so good.

Feb 4--Decided to leave on the 15th and told the Doyle's we'll be there by the 18th. We don't rush when travelling. Slept well last night and finishing the fluff of Killer on a Hot Tin Roof.

Feb 5--Hooray, Giants!!!!! Typical Sunday--paper, puzzle, reading, munching all day. Betsy here for the game. Johnny Blake sanded and salted the ice rink out back, better known as the driveway. Put the creche away--always makes me a little sad.

Feb 6--Sunny and warm--in the '40's!! I love it.

Bets put insurance on Red--almost hers.

Down with the tree! Makes me even sadder. I LOVE my ornaments and hate to see them in storage for 11 months--some of them are true works of art--others whimsy--all sentimental.

Ordered some new clothes from LL Bean for the trip.

Gorgeous full moon!!!

Feb 7-- Gray and colder. Couldn't sleep--up at 6:30 am to a fine drizzle of snow? sleet?

Plans for trip moving along.  Set up billpay at CU, put Doyle's numbers in cell phone, sent out emails to see who wants to continue on roadies list, got directions to Doyle's house.

Sun by afternoon and Bill's chicken salad for lunch. Perfect

Feb 8--Traumatic start to the day. Awake at 3:45--moonlight bathing our bedroom, black tree limbs against a clear silver blue sky--beautiful

Betsy mouthy today--doesn't want to do oil change on car today but Bill can get an appt first thing this morning. It will be done when they get back from Springfield where she will register Red in her name, now that I've signed over the title. AND I refuse to call the insurance company for her to check about her back that hurts from the accident. I've been asking her for weeks to get it done and now she wants me to do it. NOOOOOO!

Upon return--they DID drop the car off for oil change--a birthday gift from her Father--she informed me that to be favorite parent I would have to spend $34. on her since it cost him $33. Said I was fine being second class parent, but thanks for the opporchancity for advancement.

She on the other hand is over $600 poorer, among registration, taxes and insurance---welcome to the grown-up world, my sweet!

Which brings us to today--woke up again at 3:30. Since the moon was so beautiful decided to photograph it to moon set, some beautiful shots and some not so great--but fun until 6 when I returned to sleep until 730. Clothes came from LL Bean so I'll have to see how they fit--have my fingers crossed. Not sure yet what my agenda is for the day--but getting out the lists from prior trips is definitely planned. From there I may start gathering things together and also doing some laundering of clothes stored since last year's trip. I have tomorrow through Sunday pretty much to myself so that is good--will get everything done except what Bill needs for the trip and we can get that organized on Mon and Tues. Wed, weather permitting, looks like a go. We might even be able to do something for Valentine's Day. Dinner out?

And here, to finish up today--are the Photos A Day for the beginning of Feb thus far:

Feb 1, like every first of the month, finds me paying the bills!
Feb 2--Couldn't find a ground hog but my gray squirrel did not see his shadow.
Feb 3--Red returns as good as new.
Feb 4--The third amaryllis in bloom this year--and it is beautiful
Feb 5--Super Bowl watching--have no idea how this double exposure happened--used timed release on a tripod. But, Betsy's change after the Giants first score is priceless.
Feb 6--Aufwiedersehn, Tannenbaum :(
Feb 7--Flex-a-min for achy legs that have been waking me up lately and American Roads recent issue on Florida.
Feb 8--Jazzy me--signing away Red to DD
Feb 9--Full moon embraced by the tree limbs in the tree line outside our bedroom window at about 6am

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