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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Catching up on January!

Took a long shot trying to capture the heavily falling snow and saw a blotch in the photo. When I cropped it I found that I'd captured the flight of a junco trying to get out of the storm!
One of my favorite breakfasts: a quarter cup of cottage cheese, fresh Florida strawberries, two tablespoons of slivered almonds and a packet of equal served in a beautiful pedestal dish.
Dropped my camera!!!!! Must have done something to the lenses. I feel crippled!
Every so often I just have to wash away the gray. Daughter loved sneaking this shot in.
Dad's 109 birthday! Born Jan 17, 1903!

Hubby and daughter playing catch the grape. She got him in the eye a couple of times but he DID finally catch one!
One of our raised beds covered in snow that is capped with shiny ice.
About the only place in this house that is organized. Bought the new utensil tray and love it.
Is she ticklish?  Darned tootin', I am!
Bill's sister, Sally, dropped by to pick him up for a sibling day of sorting Mother's boxes of pix. Better them than me--I've got plenty of my own to sort.
Poor baby, Red, off to the car doctor's for a fixin'!
Snow, then rain, then freezing rain, then rain--it's a skating rink out there. Crazy weather.
Goldfinch feeding frenzy!
Boring, boring day!
Mom, the eldest of this bevy of beauties and standing first in front of Grandpa and Grandma, would have been 111 today. The only one left is the little girl in front--Aunt Shirl is 89!
Sister Barbara is 66 today. Here we are with Mom sometime in the '60's.
Give Misty a bakery shirt on the floor over the woodstove and there is nothing better in the world!
Going out to dinner tonight so DD parked the car as close to the stairs as possible and sanded the heck out of the ice I'd have to trod upon. Just call me Her Majesty--thank you!
Dawn, a native of Florida, and me planning out our trip to Florida next month. Love the lighting in this shot.

And so , January 2012 comes to a close.

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