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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Florida at Last!

Long day today and I am beat but the apartment in New Smyrna Beach is wonderful and Bob and Trish are delightful....Started the day in Orangeburg,SC where we had a suite the night before--a long story about the poor service from Choice Privileges but I'll save the saga of that battle for a day when I'm not so beat. In the end we had a wonderful room in a wonderful hotel with excellent people--it was the guy on the concierge hot line that messed up.  Anyway, for the first time we left the Interstate for awhile and followed a lovely back road in South Carolina through small towns with mansions and not so mansion-like shacks and/or trailers. Nothing we haven't seen before.

It was great to see Spanish Moss that I always associate with our stay in Hilton Head years ago--a great time. And then there was the group of scavengers, one of which was really not very happy to leave the treasure but who finally moved out of our way. And, of course, we have the palmetto, and mistletoe that, as a parasite, has always amused me as the choice for stolen kisses sites.

I adore the Georgia welcome sign and had to get the Florida one, since this is a first in our five years of travel--actually in my 12 years of cross country travel. I haven't been here since I was in training at FLETC on the Glencoe Naval Air Station over 30 years ago. The Brunswick Ga sign is for my friends, Amy and Glen, who also spent time at Fletc and flew into Jax for the training.

I 95 is like a speedway in which the gates to the North have been opened. Plates from Canada and every Northeastern states, except Ct, were in great profusion. I hated being part of the herd. Jacksonville is awful to drive through!  But oh, the scenery--I'd forgotten how loverly the air and the sky and the water are. And then, above Daytona, the Directv blimp. When do we ever see a blimp in Post Mills?  Hot air balloons galore--but NEVER a blimp!

Found our exit to NSB with no problem. Bob had called as we passed St Augustine and said Trish was fighting a sinus infection and though she'd planned a big welcoming dinner she really was feeling blah!  Not a problem--we don't want her to feel she has to entertain us. We crossed over the causeway and stopped at PJ's.I called Bob to let him know and asked him to join us if he wanted. He told us the bartender was from Vt but we'd already discovered that.  The place and the Garlic House across the street are owned by a guy born in Rutland, grew up in Killington and lived in Woodstock before moving here. Then the kid at the end of the  bar told us that he had just spent a year in WRJ as the master carpenter for Northern Stage!  The couple at the other end of the bar are from Ausable Forks.   Just crazy!  Bob did come to join us and then we came home with him and met Trish and the three dogs. 
The place is beautiful, the people seem great. We are supposed to watch The Last Indian tonight--I'm sort of tired so think I'll pass. Sounded like a good idea til we got home and then I just felt zonked.

I think I'll just curl up and watch one of my Netflix and socialize tomorrow when I'm fresh. Now that I'm here I'm actually quite psyched.

Oh, btw, missed who do you think you are last night but watched two installments of Michael Feinstein--I was happy. Hope I see the finale of Downton tomorrow.

So, from Florida , at last, good night .

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