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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Quiet Day on the Island

Hello all,
Finally a full restful sleep! Actually got to sleep by 10 and except for a couple of quick wake ups stayed in bed til 8 am.  We were planning on hanging out in this comfortable spacious apartment and just be glad we weren't in the car, but Bob came down and said he wanted to drive us around the island to let us know where things were and take us to a great fish place.  So without much ado I ran in, showered and washed my hair and off we went. It really is paradise if a crowded place--hardly able to see the water until going out on the National Seashore road. But the air is wonderful and the sunshine is different here than any other place--the tropics are surely unique.

Had some fried clams by the side of the inland waterway and then out the six miles of mangrove and palmetto  and palm trees. The water just sparkled and was such a composition of a myriad palette of blues and greens. A turtle held up traffic as he lazily crossed in front of us and an armadillo went merrily about his business totally ignoring those gaping Northerners.

When we returned we found that Trish is feeling somewhat better if still sinus-y. I told Bob I'd get upstairs to see her tomorrow but she came in to visit for a bit when she decided to do a laundry. She's been really under the weather for about three days and is on antibiotics. She had greeted us upon arrival yesterday but hopes not to pass the bug on and, to tell the truth, I'm avoiding her for the same reason.

Bill went off to Publix to pick up a few things--though heaven knows there is not much that the Doyles haven't placed in the cabinets and the refrigerator and the freezer. Unbelieveably gracious.  I started The Help while Bill was gone and fell asleep for about a half hour. Used to feel guilty when I napped but have come to accept that some days a nap is just necessary and should be enjoyed.

Bill came back and we watched the weather channel for a bit. Boy did we time our passage through Virginia right or what. We were in Roanoke, Blacksburg et al and are we glad we missed 6-8 inches of snow! Somebody was watching out for us.
The wind is blowing like crazy and has been since just after noontime. Several boats and moved into the cove on the River just outside the house. Very cloudy so sunset was not terribly spectacular but the  black silouettes of the palms still make a dramatic scene.

Continued reading The Help and I'm loving it. And tonight is the Downton Abbey finale. Life is good.

Tomorrow we'll either go up the coast road to St Augustine or down to Merritt Island Sanctuary. Have to figure out what is happening in Daytona to decide direction. We have no interest in NASCAR nor the traffic it brings.

Love that shot of those two old guys--Frat brothers from UMaine Orono--Swampy Pond and Bob Doyle, affectionately called Doyle. BTW, the Swampy Dude sign was on the corner of the street down which we had to turn to get here. Hilarious--wonder what the neighbors thought!

Well, back to my book until Masterpiece. More tomorrow. It is going to be easy peasy relaxation while we are here.

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