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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Cajun Swamp Tour and Chez Jacqueline

Hello Trekkies---ohhhhhh, nasal congestion, dark rings under my eyes and tiredness! A little fever now and then, too. BUT, not going to miss out on the important things, though napping and drinking liquids til my kidneys float have also become part of the daily routine. I'm going to beat this thing, dammit. Anyway, bed early last night and up by 630 this morning. Wanted to have plenty of time to get ready for the Swamp Tour with Shawn set for 9 am. It is about a 45 minute drive from here to Lake Martin and I wanted to eat something before heading out. Wasn't sure if we were going to have rain, since it looked pretty gray and wet but by the time we were headed back through St Martinsville and Parks to Lake Martin, which is in Breaux Bridge, the sun rose amongst the thick clouds. I did not have to wear my fleece jacket or hat that I'd brought along in case. We weren't at the Lakeside long before Shawn showed up to unfurl the business banner and say hi. As it turned out we were lucky enough to only have to share him with a lady and her two sons from Austin, Tx. She was born in Houma which is way down on the delta, grew up in Lafayette and had brought her boys, out of school, to see where she grew up, went to school and some of the things she did as a young girl. Aidan is a junior in high school, a handsome, quiet boy soon to be a young man. He is at that age where at times he looks still like a boy, but then moves and gives a look that shows the man he will soon be. He is an A student who hopes to major in physics in college but loves all science. We had some nice chats during the tour. His little brother, Reese, is in fifth grade and while really enthused at the beginning of the tour, about an hour in, started to be bored with the same old same old. At first he was afraid of the alligators, especially since the first big one we saw hissed at us ominously. We had to assure him that it was a bluff from an alarmed, frightened animal. We backed off and the alligator placidly stayed near with his eyes open but still as a dead log. There was some chop in the lake but it was truly a perfect day--not too hot, not too cold, cloudy sun and a slight breeze. A lot of the big alligators are not out of their watery lairs yet, but they are gradually coming out as the air warms. There was a flood during the year we were gone and Shawn says the tiny alligators we'd normally see at this time of year are not appearing--he thinks they were lost. We did find a clutch however that are probably one year olds. Birds--great blue herons, lesser blue herons, green herons and white egrets as well as black winged whistling tree ducks were in abundance. The ducks were in a big flock, but they are pairing off and paid little attention to us as they went about their courting etc. At least one pair had already broken away from the rest. After the tour, 2 1/2 hours later, with a huge party waiting for the next tour, we bid farewell to Shawn until next time--it has been our fourth of fifth trip, plus I went once with Barbara. It is always slightly different but the peace and beauty remain the same. I love the serenity. We headed into Breaux Bridge, intending to eat at Café Des Amis which Mme deBiche and the lady at the Jeanerette Museum had suggested but they were closed with a sign in the window saying they'd reopen in January. What?? Oh, well, walked down the street of ancient buildings filled with antiques and one devoted totally to clocks of all sorts to Chez Jacqueline. Oh, my, a lady definitely from Paris and just so welcoming. A real bistro type place which, as the sign says, is NOT a fast food place. I had a huge glass of sweet tea, an order of escargots---heaven! served with the crustiest baguette this side of France and sweet butter! Then a cup of crawfish etouffee, which was so full of crawfish there was barely broth to cover them and hardly room for any white rice to cool it down. And, yes, there was a wait but it gave me time to extricate a silvery bauble necklace saying IRIS, which I was ordered to put that round your neck, girl! Also, for the little place to fill up. First with three young college age men who were in town to listen to Sen Cassidy, whoever that is. Then a group of four middle aged Mardi Gras necklaced folks, one of whom brought some kind of food to Jacqueline with the hug and kiss-kiss on the air near both cheeks. Followed by three women with a baby boy, who started to cry when Mom set his baby seat so he couldn't see the room. Once she adjusted his seat, he became fascinated by Bill and just stared and stared. In the meantime, we were surrounded by the soft voices of the women speaking French to each other and to Jacqueline. Our delightful waitress said my escargots smelled heavenly but she just could not bring herself to try them. I think by the time I'd finished I'd convinced her to do so next time they were made. She had been convinced by Jacqueline to try alligator bites but not the snails. I haven't tried the alligator yet. Maybe some day! We went into town and found the bank I'd discovered for Bill last night. He got his nickels and then withdrew some money to use at the coin shop tomorrow in Lafayette. That is his hobby--coin collecting--mine is jewelry. By this time, I was really dragging and so we returned to the motel. By the time we got to the room it was 2ish so I climbed into bed and took a nap. Fell right into a deep sleep. Don't think I'll have any problem sleeping tonight at all. Woke up in time to watch The Five, at four--lol and then downed a lemon tea and some ginger snaps. Going back to bed to read and do my puzzle then I think I'll turn in. I have to be careful not to go to bed too early because then I wake up in the early morning hours and can't get back to sleep. Tomorrow, we go to Lafayette. Can't wait--fun things in store, including, I hope a Borden's banana split for breakfast!!! Will have to be an early start--so that we can go to Lagnieux before they close at 1--for fried oyster po'boy. Glen, quick question--can't remember and it is driving me mad. The motel has three floors--ground, 1 and 2. So our room with a 300 number is actually on 2nd floor. That is the French method of identifying levels but I cannot remember what they are called in French. Premier etage, duexieme ( sp ) etage???? I can't even spell them correctly anymore! groan! Anyway, this limp rag is heading back to the soft cuddliness of my bed. Don't have a secondary infection yet, still all viral but hope I can keep ahead of these bugs. Wish me luck. Have a good night. Talk to you all tomorrow. KandB

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