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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Staying a Third Night in Newport Tn

Hello Trekkers! Coming to you from the Comfort Inn in Newport Tn for the last time. We were getting packed up and ready to go onward when I told Bill about the weather report on local news last night at 11. A finger of sleet and snow reaching southward to Gatlinburg and a bigger blob stretching toward Knoxville. These two towns were the directions we were debating heading toward Alabama. Granted it was only to last overnight through the morning commute today. By 10, it was predicted to be over and warming to the 40's with sunshine. Considering we are only about 175-200 miles from our Friday destination and check-in is at 4 pm and looking longingly at the Jacuzzi we still hadn't used, it was a no brainer to say--Let's just stay. And so we have. A very relaxing day. I made the reservations in Jasper Tn for tomorrow night. Called our newspaper that said our subscription expired and we should renew so as not to miss any of the NEWS in the Upper Valley ( really???). The subscription is suspended not expired and I had called before we left to tell them to suspend it---email was in error, of course. Called our bank, ' cause I did forget to tell them there would be withdrawals on the account for US sites far and wide. Nice man asked if we were going to Florida, since the bank has a block on debit cards in Florida. Didn't ask why but doesn't matter, we aren't going to Florida. Called my Aunt who had called last evening, after I turned off the phone, to thank me for her Valentine's flowers. I send flowers every month. Made me a little sad because she got weepy while thanking me this morning. She is 94 and sharp as a tack. In the past six or seven months she's had two really severe respiratory infections that weakened and demoralized her. She's sort of over the last one but now she is in severe pain from a hernia. I think the body is beginning to wear out though the brain is not and I think she is getting down because of it. I told her I don't send her flowers to make her cry--I send them because it makes me happy to pick them out--I LOVE flowers and enjoy selecting a different arrangement each month--and that they make her happy and make a bright spot on her windowsill in her room. Pulled her right back out of the blues, thank goodness. Wrote some postcards. Did a little bank account figuring. Sat in the Jacuzzi for 45 minutes and am getting ready, finally, to eat the Moussaka my sister gave me on Sat--hope it is still good. Bill went out about 3 to rustle up some grub for himself. Both Bill and I got some headway in our books--he's reading The Apache Wars, which I've already read and I'm reading The Chilby Ladies Choir. Oh, yes, I read USA Today and did all the puzzles EXCEPT that mathy Soduku or whatever it is. Hate it--too frustrating, Betsy, who doesn't like math, loves them. So, it is now a little after 4. I'm going to turn on the phone to check in by text with my Betsy and then at 5 will watch The Five while I eat. All and all a good, relaxing day. The sun did come out so it was beautiful with blue skies and puffy clouds. No pix today. But we'll be moving along SW Tennessee tomorrow and we'll see what we shall see. Until then, keep sending me your emails--I love hearing what you are doing and your comments and / or questions. Glen, your Florida pix with Francis and wife were great and you look healthy and happy. Sally, the amaryllis is truly glorious. I'm so glad Bill bought it when I picked it out for you. Sweet dreams KandB

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