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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Lazy days in Lafayette, Jeanerette and Ville Platte, La

Hi Trekkers! Well, the stuffed nose comes and goes. When it comes it is scary because I feel I cannot breath. Almost have to fight panic. When I can breath it is such a relief. I don't really feel sick other than avoiding panic attacks and getting tired easily--but I imagine lack of Oxygen will do that to you! LOL But enough of sick bay report-- I actual think I may be allergic to those live oaks or some other pollen releasing creature. Yesterday was to be our big Lafayette excursion. It started out perfectly, just as planned. Banana splits for breakfast at Borden's, whose parking lot was barricaded. I knew then that our plans would change. It was 10:30 and already folks were gathering along the barricades that never come down during the month--today's parade was to start at 12:30 and we wanted to avoid the mess that entails as best as possible. After " breakfast" we walked across the street to Keller's bakery---the cases were almost bare and the store was packed with people picking up their specially ordered king cakes, which are huge! We got back in the car and headed over to Congress St, where Bill's coin shop is located. Passed the Cajun Dome and the other athletic fields and buildings of University of Louisiana. Things were getting set up for the big amusement park like celebration after the parade. I waited in the car, basking in the sun while Bill shopped. When he came out he headed away from Legnieux, but since we both know the town so well now, I just thought he was going a special way to avoid the parade traffic. But, no, he forgot I wanted to get a fried oyster po'boy for lunch and some boutin for dinner. Since we were well away from the restaurant I said, forget it, let's go to Jeanerette and Mac's supermarket to pick up the small king cakes they have, plus some nasal decongestant, replenish our juice and water supply etc So that is what we did. Spent almost $100!!! Unusual spices and foodstuffs we don't get at home, some culinary goodies for Betsy, some tissues for my silly nose, as well as our original shopping! By then, I was feeling tired, so we stopped at Duffy's Diner, another local recommendation, to get po'boys and the place was jam packed. Not surprised at 1pm on Mardi Gras Saturday. Tuesday Fat Saturday--sounds nutsy! Bill suggested we go back to the motel for an hour or so and then come back. But, though usually I would do that, I knew I wouldn't go back out today. So we ate in Ruby Tuesday, right next to the motel. Kind of a gourmet let down but good enough. Took a nap. Then started packing stuff up for our departure. Had Pomegranate honey tea with King Cake for supper. I think my sugar quota for the day was met. Popped a couple Alka Selzer cold and severe congestion meds and off to dreamland at 8pm. Slept almost 12 hours not counting every two hours up to bathroom and drinking more water. Took our time today getting ready for our move to Ville Platte, flat city. And it is, flat, that is. Not sure I'd call a burg with 7000 people a city but they are doing so here! This is truly the prairie land of Louisiana, filled with rice patties and crawfish ponds. The egrets gather at various pools to feast. Crawley calls itself Rice City and has rice sheds spreading out in every direction. The air conditioning is off and I'm feeling a bit chilled. Think I will cuddle up on the couch in my nightgown and read my new book about Carnival--good-bye to meat--until Masterpiece tonight. I hope the shows are on, since I have no desire to listen to multimillionaire actors spout off on politics. Gag! We got here at 1230--only 88 miles from New Iberia. Bill's friend Jimmy Jack called and Bill called him back but got his answering machine. JJ wants to know when we will be arriving. Bill told him about ten days in his message. We'll see. Anyway, I'm going to get warmed up and read. Talk to you as soon as we get going on something like the rural MG festivities. Take care all, KandB

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