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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Joy, Hope and Strength of Women Singing Together in Time of War--The Chilbury Ladies' Choir

World War II and the Nazis have arrived right across the water from Chilbury, England. The men for the most part have gone off to war and the women must fend for themselves. The Vicar has decreed that since there are no male voices available for the Choir it must be suspended indefinitely. Prim, a newcomer to town, says there is no better time for there to be music and singing than during times of hardship and stress. With very little effort this little ball of enthusiasm has rallied the women. They are all ages from 13 year old Kitty on up. The stories of these women told through letters to sisters or friends, through diary entries and once in awhile through community bulletin board postings or newspapers are engrossing. Each one of these ladies become three dimensional folks dealing with widowhood, pregnancy, loss of loved ones, unrequited love, secret love affairs, and even several Nazi bombings. Their fears, loves, disappointments, determination to survive, become the readers. In the end, there is joy in the successful songfest bringing the community together for a moment of happiness and hope.

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