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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Jasper, Tennessee

Good afternoon, Trekkies! Quality Inn Jasper, Tn 3:55 PM CST So we are now an hour earlier than at home. That means that though we left Newport at 10 am and our car clock said we arrived at Jasper at 2 pm, it was really 1 pm. This will probably take me til we move to the next time zone to get it all straight--then, of course, my poor old brain will have to learn what time it is all over again. AARP assures me that these types of mental challenges and gymnastics will avert early senility. Uh-huh. Oops, The Five is on at Four--will get back to you in an hour. As you saw above, we left Newport at 10--late for us, but after a few days we'd made ourselves at home so needed to make sure everything was repacked and not left in a draw or on a counter. We also didn't have far to go and, since we've been in the general area before on our very first trip, we've explored all of the interesting sites, except John Ross' house in Chattanooga. It was just nice to slowly wander down along the Tennessee with all of its enlarged lakes thanks to the TVA system of dams and see the Smokies off to our East. The sun was glorious and the blue sky cloudless. Unfortunately, we were driving into the sun which made it difficult to get very good pictures--a great deal of glare. Not that there was very much variety in the terrain that required many pictures. There was one particular small church that was such an eyesore of swirling white and black stonework that I didn't think to pick up the camera to shoot a shot. In another spot there was a fabulous turquoise and white station wagon, with those white metal coverings on each wheel well. I think that particular color combo in the 50's was a chevy design but not sure. The thing about this rig was that there was a trailer, low to the ground, with a hitch that had exactly the same paint job and wheel coverings. I so wanted to photograph it for Glen, but it was parallel to the road on my side so I didn't see it until we were upon it. Secondly, getting back to it was problematic since we were on a divided highway with legal turnarounds few and far between. :( Lots of old barns etc advertising Rock City--not sure it is even here anymore but it is one of the oldest tourist attractions in the area. I remember those ads from my trips with family as a young teen. We never went--probably why I'm still not a lover of tourist traps. Just outside of Chattanooga we opted to rejoin the Interstate system. Eisenhower made it so easy to avoid going right through the center of big cities on city streets. Still lots of traffic and crazy driving but at least no cross streets or traffic lights or turns to worry about in unfamiliar surroundings. As I mentioned at the outset, we arrived with most of the day left before us. Haven't a clue where the time has gone but I'm getting hungry. Bill went next door to the Western Sizzler buffet for dinner. Not me. Corn pone, grits, collard greens and hot dogs in sauerkraut among other things just don't do it for me. Southeast home cooking is not my favorite American cuisine. So, for me, it is a can of tuna mixed with Hellman's and some Canadian grain crackers. Got to go and whip up my meal. How I wish there was Smoky Pig next door. We were going to go to Nashville, head up to Bowling Green and then back down to Alabama instead of staying the extra day in Newport. Even though it probably means no Smoky Pig this trip, it just seemed like unnecessary driving just for a meal. Besides instead of BBQ in Ky, I got to spend some time with a classmate and her husband. There will be other times at SP but not sure we'll return to this part of Tn anytime soon. Tomorrow we start our ornithological week-end. I'm so excited. American Eagles, here we come. Until then, have a terrific evening. KandB

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