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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Sunday between Hagerstown, Md and Bristol, Va

Good evening, Trekkers! Rain, heavy at times, took us most of the way into Virginia. Riding on an Interstate is not very stimulating so I found it entertaining to observe the various forms water towers take. Here in the South, it is all about the county -- I always knew what county I resided in whether in New York or Vermont but it never would occur to me to tell someone who asked that I hailed from Orange County or Saratoga County but in much of the country that is the identifying feature of someone's roots. So, at any rate, around here the water tower or the license plate will declare for the world to see, where you're at or where you're from. As usual, cloud formations intrigued me. I was excited when a found a tiny patch of blue that might indicate clearing. And, riding in the Shendahoah Valley, one cannot ignore the magnificent Blue Ridge Mountains. This is really one of my favorite parts of the East--this Virginia area. It is so full of history. The little strip of West Virginia that cuts across between Maryland and Virginia. The Valley through which there was so much military movement in the Civil War. And, of course, the Civil War battlefields. Staunton was the home of Woodrow Wilson. Poplar Forest wasn't too far away on the other side of the mountains. In years past we have crisscrossed the area visiting so many of the sights and sites. It was nice to remember those times. Yet, between the weather and the monotony of the drive, I found myself dozing off for 15 minutes or so here and there. Also spent a little time texting with Betsy. I like that--it is so immediate and yet, the message is there waiting for you, if you don't have service. It certainly sounds as though we made the right decision to avoid Buffalo and Erie etc. Snow started at home around 1230 and Bets said it was really coming down and it was windy. We are farther south than we need to be since we aren't due in Alabama until Friday. But, it gives us time to backtrack to Kentucky for Smoky Pig and also time to go to places we have not had time for in the past. We never have to worry about finding things to do, since we are open to just about anything and love to explore. We only stopped once for gas today, though we covered almost 400 miles again. We got regular in Harrisonburg, Va fo 1.999/gal. It was 2.295 in Saratoga when we left yesterday. We stayed in Bristol about 7 years ago--in the same motel. Back then we were at a loss to find a place to eat. Not anymore, there is a plethora of all the major chain restaurants. We opted for Buffalo Wild Wings. I had five with Asian Zing seasoning and five with Bourbon Honey BBQ seasoning. Blue cheese and carrots of course for dipping. Bill went for 10 with hot sauce, blue cheese and celery--he is such a purist. I had a wonderful Chocolate stout brewed here in Bristol. Really delicious but too chocolately for more than one. So switched to another local brew, a light Scottish ale. Bill had Bud light. Our barmaid was named Betsy and she is 30. She is a liberal but really cute about it. In speaking of our Betsy she said that she thought they would be Besties--Betsy squared. What a nice young woman. It seemed so strange to hear Bill call out " Betsy " when he wanted another beer. Funny, too, when I thought she'd given me another stout instead of the ale. They are both fairly dark. She said, no, it is the ale. I said that I wasn't criticizing or complaining--she laughed and said don't worry--I have a mother! Wise guy. Our Betsy would have loved it. It is only 530 and we are in for the night: fed, I'm in my nightgown, ready to read until Masterpieces start on PBS and then I'll be glued to the TV til 11 and sleep. Don't think I'll wear a sweater tomorrow. By day's end the temperature was 70 and sunny. We opened the sunroof for the first time this year. Glorious. It appears as though the link for Snapfish is working for many of you so that is how I think I will send the photos each night. Will try to use the subject line so that you can see the pix in order. Feel free to email any questions and or comments. I check in the morning usually but always check in the evening--if the wifi is good. So, until tomorrow, keep warm and safe those who are experiencing the snow storm. To all of you have a good night. KandB

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