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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Auricular Musings

Shell-like attachments

Stuck to the side of one's head

Yet largely unseen by their owners

Convoluted, strange-looking

Extending vertically from jawline

To eye at its corner

Things admired by lovers

Who long to nuzzle and lick them
Bringing on shivers and goose bumps in waves

Destroying the equilibrium

One is charged to maintain

With its opposite mate

They make no decisions

About these warm frissions

That is left up to the brain

They're objects to be lent

Or otherwise bent

According to Marc Antony

All manner of sound

Both pleasing and foul

Is detected by these vital organs

Emotions arise--fear, happiness, pain

Anger, joy, sorrow

Peace, passion, alarm--

From their function

But these and response to them

Are handled elsewhere

By injunction

They hold up one's glasses

For reading or sunscreen

And, at times, are quite ornamented

But for all that they do

So passively interjected

They are mostly ignored or neglected

As the years pass us by

Ringing or hissing may commence

Creating some mild irritation

Sometimes it is stressful

Insanity it seems to be nearing

Yet, far worse it would be
(At least as I see it)
The loss of my hearing.

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