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Friday, January 7, 2011

Turning a new page

So! A week of 2011 has just about gone by and I've decided to do another 365 day pictorial history of a year in the life! Last time I did this I'd just had a cancer scare and took a picture a day of that year. The pictures are on a memory card but I did no journaling to speak of and haven't gotten around to creating a scrapbook. One of the photography websites to which I've subscribed suggested using a blog to save the pix and a short journal entry for each. Seems like a better idea if ever a scrapbook will come of this project. So each day--with luck--or each week, at least, a picture and a blurb will be posted. There will be days in which the record will be boring or mundane or just sad or depressing. But there will be days of incredible beauty, of interest, of curiosity, of love, too. A chronicle of life--unique in some ways to me--but in far more other ways: Life as it is for all of us at one time or another. So here's to life!! Happy New Year!

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