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Thursday, January 20, 2011

One of My Favorite Places

I bought this chair and footstool for myself at Pier I several years ago. Used to have it surrounded by four windows but Bill wanted that area for himself and the table so, though I can't easily look out the window, I still have the light shining on me from one on the right of the chair. It is enough on a sunny day in my small oasis in the living room. Many a book has been read, many a cat has curled in my lab and many a nap has been taken in this chair. Bill never sits in it although Betsy does sometimes when she is home and it is available. It is truly my own and I love it. Mary Rose, my childhood doll does, too. Even the cats avoid sleeping in it --it is as though they know to wait until they have my lap before they near it. Now THAT is something since CATS believe the WORLD is theirs.

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