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Monday, January 17, 2011

Swirling Emotions

Strange emotional eddies today! To start, my Dad would be 108 today--40 years my senior! I miss him terribly, still--though he was proud of me, he loved my sister best! LOL

Then I baked a cinnamon quick bread that broke into three pieces when I took it out of the pan--tastes good though. I almost blew my Weight Watchers points but held myself in check--I did eat some but did not stuff my face.

Tomorrow we are in for ANOTHER storm--this time including sleet and freezing rain! I have dentist appt at 730 am--should I have cancelled?

Also, I'm feeling stressed about ANOTHER cross country trip in winter--this time by way of Montana. Usually we head south out of St Louis--not this year!

So trying to figure out how to lift my spirits I turned to our marvelous Christmas tree. This led to laughs--I had bought the adorable penquin for my daughter LAST January, on sale, at Pier I ! But with advanced early senility I had forgotten that--so, on a Fall visit to my sister's, I bought her a more elegant, though PLASTIC ornament at AC Moore's!

My wonderful daughter, deciding not to buy a set of five or six ornaments this year, bought me this elegant red ornament. So, we both broke from our tradition--I bought her a grown up elegant ornament ( not remembering the little girl penguin) and she bought me one, but more elegant, ornament this year.

While the emotions still churn a bit, having reflected on a Mom and Daughter exchange of love, I feel a little less sad missing my Dad and a bit more settled about the stress of Winter in Vt and time spent in the dentist's chair rebuilding a tooth! ( Don't get me started on the cost of this uninsured procedure--I'm trying to be like Scarlett--tomorrow! )

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