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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Baby Talk

Oh, Addy, it is so good to have you back from the hospital. How does your leg feel?

As good as new, Mary Rose, no pain or anything. You should have seen that place--so many of the other girls that I knew in Wisconsin when I was born and before your Mom brought me here to play with Betsy. Samantha, Molly and the others. It was fun to see them. My injury was so minor in comparison to some of the others--one girl had almost all her hair pulled out!!! I can't imagine how her new Mother could do that to her or let any of her friends do it.

Well, Addy, I'm not sure I ever understood how your Mom pulled your leg off. Kathy would never do that to me and boy did she play with me when she was little. She used to dress me in all different baby clothes. This is a new outfit--my Aunt had it made to replace my original one that I arrived in. That clothe just rotted away it got so old. Kathy likes to keep me in my dressy dress and bonnet, you know.

Oh, Mary Rose, your dress IS lovely. But you know, Betsy really didn't break my leg off. Yours are sewn better to your body but my legs and arms are attached with stretchy bands. Actually, the leg was still attached when your Mom took me off the shelf to send me to the hospital but it was really hanging very loosely--by a thread, you know? LOL And when she took my travel dress off, and my leather shoes, it just finally broke. Replacing it was pretty fast but I was sore for several days and so I had to stay there until they were sure I was going to recover easily. It is really great to be better and home with you.

Addy, It is great to have you home--I've been so lonely--the cats talk to me but it isn't the same. They don't care about what my Mom was like when she was a little girl--all THEY want is to have most of the room in the chair. And Betsy's bed! Forget it--that Misty almost pushes me off at night!

Well, I'm back now, Mary Rose--so we'll just have to spread out real wide and let them move across the hall to Grandma and Grandpa's bed. Besides, when we are giggling and laughing they can't sleep and leave anyway. Ohhhhh, it is wonderful to be home. ( and the two girls hugged and kissed and giggled some more while Kathy, MR's Mom and Addy's Gram, put together some lunch nearby. )

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