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Friday, February 11, 2011

Almost But Not Quite!

It takes so long to get ready for a trip like this--especially when Christmas gifts( not in the picture ) have to be delivered to my sister in Saratoga and to my daughter in Bozeman. Somewhere in this mess is my New Orleans tote with all my maps and motel directory. All the seltzer goes to the kid--they don't have it in Montana. The big paper bag goes to Sis, too along with the empty pretzel jar for dog food. I'm lending her books and books to get through the rest of the winter--haven't a clue what else is in that bag. My old doctor's bag purse that I loved when I was teaching has become my camera bag--cameras and film and batteries. The pretty pink bag contains all our toiletries. That great straw hat is my southwestern chapeau! The blue file case is new and will collect all the brochures etc that I'll pick up along the way.
I drink water in the car--which I don't usually do during the day at home, but I find I never finish the large bottle so these are 8 oz. I always wake up during the night thirsty so these are handy also. I carry my own wine--I resent paying almost the cost of the bottle for a couple of drinks out. Six bottles --one for each week and it usually works out that way, too. I carry a nice wine glass to drink it!
Sort of like the story my friend used to tell me about the British in Burma during WWII--even in the field the officers had a table set up with linen and silver and china and crystal--war, shmar--gentlemen don't you know. My friend was a US Intelligence officer and was always amused by this behavior. Good food and wine, too, he said.
Oh, but I digress!
What else--ah, yes, the shopping basket --we don't usually stop for lunch in the beginning of the trip--we try to get past the weather as quickly as possible and cover ground before stopping around 4 pm. I like to have some healthy snack food to carry us over. I'll get some cheese and fruit on the road--peanut butter and juices from home, too. Hummus and carrots. All taste good, fill us up and aren't too fattening since we are being rather sedentary as we drive. Seems to work well.
The big suitcase is packed and both of us had plenty of room in it. I just have the small duffel to pack with miscellaneous stuff and I'm done--but tomorrow is another day and it and the final touches on the housework can wait until then. For now--dinner and a movie.
Good night!

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