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Monday, February 14, 2011

Binghamton to Somerset, Pa

Out of the motel at 9 and gas at Valero where there is always a sale on Monday! $3.32/gal as opposed to the usual $3.37 a gallon--such a deal!

How many times have we made this trip following the exact route? This is the FOURTH time! So last night, arriving at Binghamton, we as usual made the wrong turn off I 88 to I 81 but this time we could see the motel and getting off at the next exit we were able to just make a left on Front St and voila--home once more! LOL

So, I should have realized that I could not neglect my navigator role and call my Aunt to let her know that we are traveling once more. I mean look at those signs--how hard could it be to get on I 81 to Scranton?? Well, I saw the sign for 17 to the left and we drove by it, I thought, until I saw a sign for Damascus as I'm talking away and some small part of my brain is saying hmmmm I don't remember that name last year--oh, well, can't remember them all and on I chatted. Until from the pilot's seat I began to hear some strange strangled sounds --so I politely excused myself and inquired if he was dying. ( It was now 9:45) Noooo, but we appear to be on Rte 17! What? We're headed to Suffern and onward to NYC!!! So, I quickly told Aunt Shirl the problem and said I'll call you again sometime and send a postcard, love you, hi to everyone, good-bye. Bill makes a u-ey illegally and back we head while I'm trying to find an alternative to going all the way back to Binghamton.

Found a series of backroads which was really nice --new scenery but you know what?--backroads in the Northeast in Winter is known as touring Frost Heave City!!! We did finally get back to the Interstate ( at 11:05--but at least the road we were on paralleled the interstate) and onward we went--Scranton 10 miles from our rejoining, Wilkes-Barre with bare roadsides and actually snow free fields, Harrisburg and crossing the beautiful Susquehanna again--having crossed it in Susquehanna( 50 degrees and sunny but VERRRRRY Windy )--and finally to the Pennsylvania Pike.

Here where I-81 joins I76 by means of a trip through the streets of Middlesex rather than the normal interchange, unlike last year, we got off at the right exit. Oh, joy--last year we had to backtrack about 30 miles. Doesn't sound like I'm a very good navigator, huh? But my sister will attest that I'm normally pretty good. Of course, Bill's error around Binghamton does support her statement that she has no idea how she's gotten anywhere in the country since I tell her where to go--such power!!!!!

Despite the navigational snafus the day was a joy--Bill gave me a great Valentine's Day card, we listened to Willie's Place on Sirius radio and all the music was love oriented and there were some lovely pieces--Marty Robbins' cover of I'm in the Mood for Love was a revelation--the man had a beautiful voice. Of, course there were a few typical country chestnuts--how could one not love:" I'm tired of playing second fiddle to an old guitar " with several bars of yodeling sung by some nameless girl?

We passed through the series of tunnels that I love since some early Pennsylvanian said lets go through these mountains instead of scaring the daylights out of Kathy Pond by going over or around on a ledge--with the drop-off on her side! I wish I knew who made that decision--I'd hug him hard!

As we passed Breezewood at 2:48 almost an hour later than last year we rejoiced at the fact that the sun was out and the temperature was 44. Last year at 2:00 we left the highway because it was 25 degrees and snowing so hard we couldn't see the exit. Well, we rejoiced too soon for after going through the last, the Alleghany Tunnel the temperature dropped quickly and it began to sleet. So at 4:00 we pulled off in Somerset,Pa, registered and went to dinner at the Pine Grill, a locally owned place with reasonable and delicious food. Trying to do Weight Watchers, I cut my steak in half and sliced one half and got a to go box for it--it will be my lunch on the road tomorrow. Had a dry salad and steamed veggies with it and one Yuegling. I have enough points for a small chocolate tonight and 3 points to spare. If I could give up smoking, I can lose weight sensibly by golly--at least I'm giving it a good try.

Good night until tomorrow. Is Castle on tonight?

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